Shit or get off the pot.
Be excellent to each other.
Be bold. Be brave. Be amazing.
Less talk talk more walk walk.
Real programmers don't eat quiche.
Beware those who don't have imposter syndrome.

@cat it was probably around the time that people, who seem to have a thin skin and big sense of self-importance, overreacted when they were told “no, can’t do for you”… it is why I effectively took some projects private because it was better for everybody (well, better for me) that I ignored them instead of going postal on the public.

@jk Guess I am somewhat late to this party; my focus has been elsewhere. Oops! But what I see is really nice. If there was a way to sync between the desktop and iOS versions that would be fantastic, but I suspect not so easy to do.

@jk Lagrange on iOS? Wow! I’m beyond happy for this.

@konpeito thank you for the tapes; they brought such joy to my ears!

I’ve been working on a feed plugin for @getkirby and am almost ready to release an alpha. It has been an experience discovering how bad some feed client apps are... the best is one that just said “invalid” and doesn’t even hint as to why its not happy.

I went looking for a spool of Cat6 cable that is somewhere in my garage. Couldn’t find it. But did find this. Oh well, drink not networking the office it is this afternoon.


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