@Gargron I like the new design, mostly but would be really great if you put the:
Home | Local | Federated tabs on top of center column - like miskey and fediway.

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Gab counts banned accounts in your followers!

@ThreeOneThreeChris 's Gab account was banned, but look who I found in my followers list.

He is designated an ACTIVE USER!

Another way to cook the books.

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Good customer service would have stopped the emergence of enemies like me.

Never fuck over someone who is giving you money.

He just might pursue you to the ends of the Earth.

From Hell's heart I stab at thee!
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If Rob Colbert had just forked Mastodon and stick a Gab logo on it with all the features enabled - public timeline, full federation - it would work and as many people would love it as hate it.

Instead he maimed and killed it.
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P.T. Barnum knew how to scam people so they loved it.

Put me in charge of Gab and I would open up all the standard stats and fully federate with anyone who would allow it and say 'Hey, we now has TWO MILLION users of the whole fediverse, deal with it!'
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@ArdanianRight @judgedread it wouldn't be gab if it wasn't broken. People expect gab to be broken, it would be culture shock to use software that works
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@judgedread Yeah. It seems like the code is a fusion of Gab and Mastodon that adds no benefits but just makes the site run super shitty. It's actually impressive how badly they fucked this up. The lack of functionality might have ruined our ability to properly troll the site but it's also done far more damage to Turbo than we ever could've.
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People whom I use to regard as #freesw and #gnu #linux proponents/advocates sometimes turn out to be turncoats and sellouts, seduced by money and allured by the cash associated with defection to #microsoft lie campaigns (like "Microsoft Loves Linux")

@Gargron So Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab.com, just launched an "investment" round with $10,000,000 cap based on THEIR new social website. He's already been given over $2,500,000 to build a social network.


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