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@Gargron honorable mention around the 25 minute mark and throughout.

Fediverse: What Is It And Who Lives There

@Gargron Gab is running chatbots, etc on their site and a bunch of other services they are not releasing with code or making public.

Is that violation of your license? Shouldn't they be forced to release everything they are running on their server connected to your code?

@Gargron I like the new design, mostly but would be really great if you put the:
Home | Local | Federated tabs on top of center column - like miskey and fediway.

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People whom I use to regard as #freesw and #gnu #linux proponents/advocates sometimes turn out to be turncoats and sellouts, seduced by money and allured by the cash associated with defection to #microsoft lie campaigns (like "Microsoft Loves Linux")

@Gargron So Andrew Torba, CEO of, just launched an "investment" round with $10,000,000 cap based on THEIR new social website. He's already been given over $2,500,000 to build a social network.

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