@Gargron Not great actually. Pretty bad to be honest. Terrible use of space. One column is smart way to go for sure but this is not the way to do it. Copy this. beat gag.

@oneway @Gargron
I agree, I don't really like it, the new mastodon layout is actually a "3-column" design, like old twitter. I really like the new 2 column layout on twitter: one for feed and one for discovery, very easy!
PS I don't like "who to follow" but I use a lot trending hashtag, really useful sometimes, I would like to have it as an option

@diggita @oneway @Gargron I agree, the design looks bad, if it's aimed to new users coming from twitter/instagram/facebook you should definitely change it, it should look more close to the new twitter design, I mean submit a new toot should be on top of the feed instead on the left column, all other links on left column move it at the bottom of the right column, keep it easy!!


@filippodb @diggita @Gargron you mean move right links to left column, right?

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