I've been a coding mentor, but I've never had a coding mentor :/

I wrote a thing about hauntology, technology and gaming. I worry about the things we are building: benjamin.computer/posts/2019-0

I really want to make a digital art installation for EMF Camp 2020, but how can I compress Mark Fisher's ideas such as Hauntology, the perils of neoliberalism, the ideas of you being the product and finding the best in technology not retreating, into a single art piece? :S Really tricky.

Fucks sake! Getting a working CUDA Singularity or Docker image that works with Mozilla Deepspeech is a right pain!

I reckon these Amiga Demos and the PC 8Ks were the ones to watch at Revision 2019.

We did some carbon calculations for EMF 2018. Direct event-related emissions were 27.8 tonnes CO2e or about 12kg per attendee. That's split between ~50% delivery vehicles and ~50% fuel burned on site. We purchased offsets for 28 tonnes of CO2e for around £210.

We estimated >100 tonnes CO2e was emitted by transport used by attendees, but that's very much a guess and we aren't offsetting that.

(cc @c3sustainability)

Writing a little C++ after many years. Like an old friend, but I wonder what has changed in the meantime? No doubt I'm doing something old and outdated

Ok this is cool, even if it is in Javascript. The Workbench Simulator taws.ch/

Can anyone help me with v4l2loopback please? Having real trouble piping one video device to another with gstreamer. Lots of errors, even with Ubuntu LTS :/

Anyone out there familiar with v4l2loopback? I really need to process video from my webcam and spit it out to another virtual device? Halp pleeeeeaaaase! :)

I'm so bored of Avengers, Hollywood and openworld games. They all forgo proper meaning, roleplay or connection by making everyone super human with no flaws (or very few that are believable) with stakes that are too large and grand to be relatable.

Spent far too long debugging my latest neural net so to save you all time, here are some hints! :)

Fucking Bishop Berkeley nonsense talking fucking twat! ><

Is it possible to still get really REALLY angry with a person from the 17th Century? Yes, yes it is!

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