Some of the technical bits about the VR tour of Antarctica I made for the web.A little on 360 video and ffmpeg.

Tried to improve my quadcopter stability by paying attention to cleanflight and setting things more correctly. First test? Quad immediately rolls on it's back and breaks a prop! 🤔😭

Looking for a self-hosted quick solution for a webpage that takes images, text and a map location submission, goes for editorial and then is presented on the front-page.

The 20th Issue of Tales From The Dork Web is now up. Towards A Solarpunk Future discusses our escape from today's Cyberpunk dystopia into the bright green future of tomorrow:

Tomorrow is the 20th issue of Tales From The Dork Web. It's all about and building the Solarpunk future we want instead of the Cyberpunk present we sleepwalked into. If that sort of thing is your bag, you can sign up at or wait till 13:37 tomorrow UK time for it to go out.

Just finished working on a battery management system - my first stab at embedded development. Blocking Big Battery Booms! (with bootloaders)

I've come to the conclusion that D&D is merely 'ok'. As a DM and a player, there are better RPGs out there. I think D&D is too beholden (hah!) to it's roots* to ever change for the better.

*roots being Chainmail and Tabletop Wargaming

Built myself an Ergodox with help from a good friend on the 3D printed case. Now I just have to unlearn all I have learned :P

Somewhat annoyed that all the student and social groups in St Andrews use Facebook for organising things. It's a shame there isn't a good 'setting up groups' alternative to the dreaded blue website of doom. Would be good if there was an easy second option for such groups.

My Quadcopter seems to be a bit unstable. I suspect the motors might not be spinning at the same speed perhaps? Could also be wind as I'm near the coast I guess?

Quadcopter first trial seems successful. A few changes needed but getting there:

I entered the Gamemaker's Toolkit GameJam 2020 a month ago. Made a little game and learned a few things in the process :)

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