I've been doing a for the last few years. Just about to publish our findings. But here is the , and an easy to follow writeup of how can do fun things with


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My neural network Holly, takes an input image from a microscope, spitting out a prediction based on the structure in the middle, which it constantly refines.

This is fucking great! :D

The HU covering Metallica's Sad but True. That throat singing really adds to it! :D \m/><\m/


I didn't know one could join or support the Chaos Computer Club if you were outside Germany but of course you can! After their impressive display helping out @revision_party
I've signed up.

Electronics friends - do you know what kind of connector this is and how best I could clamp onto it? Soldering was a big mistake and I think I may have busted it. It's a PDA keyboard I want to somehow decode.

Decided I'd have some fun with masks, so I did a modern take on the Plague Doctor Mask! :D


if necessary, MNT Reform’s motherboard can be swapped out in a few minutes with only a screwdriver

i want a multiplayer spreadsheet server that is not a web app. just something maybe built on redis, with an open protocol on cell operations, and clients from TUI to web that can display the data and make updates in realtime.

the backing store for persisting the data would be something like csv or tsv.

the protocol should be so simple that 8/16-bit computers are able to connect and render (parts of) tables.

So @WillFlux
and I made a thing. I mean, it's not but I think it's quite lovely. Cheers @oshpark
for the free 6 layer board :D Designed in the great @kicad_pcb

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