Why do I keep using Mongodb? It's broken *again* >< FFS!

A little chat about Planescape Torment, Adam Curtis and why they are both relevant to computer games today - benjamin.computer/posts/2018-1

More testing of neural networks is happening! Now with added asymmetrical objects! :P

Packaging all the research code. Documenting all the things. Hard :/

Docker is basically a bit shit. Waste of time but somehow it's expected. Poorly designed by Hipsters. Get you some Singularity instead - written by pros.

Finally finished Planescape Torment. Yes it is as good as everyone says it is! :)

Routing IPv6 through OpenVPN is more complicated than I thought :/ Don't know enough yet to get it working but I'm sure I will eventually.

Off to NYC - what should I go and have a gander at?

An American accused me of being "Aggressively British". Maybe this is what they meant? I'm happy with that! :D

I wonder if there is a way to write in VIM but run in MATLAB? Matlab's editor is just arse. I mean I could just write a script, save and refresh I guess but damn it's clunky ><

A little chat about Flickr, website bloat and human spirit in the web programming world.

Neither nor seem to be made for users who keep their browser running for several days without a restart.

Firefox just now: 12GB RAM usage.
After restart and reloading all previous tabs: 2GB RAM usage.

Either that's a huge memory leak or I just don't understand what it's caching there.

Stuck on getting the right cost function for my latest neural net. Moving from points to a bitmap is the last stumbling block

Planescape Torment, especially on a tablet, is great! I'd love to be involved with making a game like that. The setting, the writing, the complex emotional message. Really good.

Right.... I knew it was coming but still I need to prepare. The mighty coming of the Flickr exodus!

Faking some microscopy images with @rustlang, vulkano and Vulkan

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