Our next coffee morning meetup will be on the 12th of March - come along if you fancy learning a little about and

A very interesting article on . For the record, I am a Linux Desktop and server user and I'm very happy but I've noticed the problems on the horizon - this article brings them into focus: unixsheikh.com/articles/why-yo

Thanks to OSHPark for this lovely little board! Arrived today! I can already see I've made one mistake but thankfully, it's not critical.

We had a great chat with some new faces last week! Our next meetup will be on the 12th of February at 10am, on Google meet! bioml.org.uk/coffee

How I made an alternative Queen's Speech using technology. SFW. Much lower budget than the one Channel 4 made but I had a lot of fun making it nevertheless. benjamin.computer/posts/2021-0

So I know Channel4
are -ing the but they are late to the party! We did it last month! :D

Some of the technical bits about the VR tour of Antarctica I made for the web.A little on 360 video and ffmpeg.


Tried to improve my quadcopter stability by paying attention to cleanflight and setting things more correctly. First test? Quad immediately rolls on it's back and breaks a prop! 🤔😭

Looking for a self-hosted quick solution for a webpage that takes images, text and a map location submission, goes for editorial and then is presented on the front-page.

Just finished working on a battery management system - my first stab at embedded development. Blocking Big Battery Booms! (with bootloaders)

I've come to the conclusion that D&D is merely 'ok'. As a DM and a player, there are better RPGs out there. I think D&D is too beholden (hah!) to it's roots* to ever change for the better.

*roots being Chainmail and Tabletop Wargaming

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