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online @online

@Efi at this i can only furr-ow my brow. yep that's all I've got, smart time was over years ago for me

I don't have proper access to the art of them yet but, they have very good hair and are a wolf and are currently nameless so i gotta get on that

The circumstances surrounding this are strange but. Good

Thing is i wouldn't. call myself a furry? But at the same time i kinda love them, like a lot

@Efi i will have to check up on that actually

@thethinktanker i mostly yelled a lot, then there was a very strange subplot involving Elon Musk, and now i have a fursona

so through some very strange circumstances, i obtained a Fursona. Uh

now thjat i've successfully gone way past post-irony with that "banner" all i have to do is make, an entire video

@Efi the great flippening of 2017 has befallen us, repent

this is my banner now please like favorite comment and subscribe



i went to bed and now we're talking about the moon I'm happy with this

when the moon

is a sapphic nb girl who is dating her equally sapphic gf the sun

That's canon

this wasn't meant to be a lesbian toot this was genuinely just meant to be "the baths"

the moral of the story is; im es, and i'm a lazy doofus but i love you all and want to make things for you okay bye

in fairness, i have to watch through hours of Quality Content in order to obtain these assets, then compose them in a certain way (after greenscreening, timing, etc)

i may or may not be starting up a thing where i'll post about semi-relevant topics etc, but in the meantime, i guess i have a youtube channel or two. ive been meaning to make one of them, "Videos" for a while. not quite found the time, nor have i organized the uh, assets?