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over on twitter dot org i have been making a very entertaining video series called Critical Role which has nothing to do with the podcast that shares the name and doesn't actually make any sense. heres episode 1

@thefishcrow @modernmodron hello yes i am here, i am the cause of all lesbians

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heres a picture of me because i exist

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hey here's a fun thing, look, i made an audio (sorta incomplete) listen to it you know you want to it's a funny jack black octagon joke

wow what if i was online

@batterpunts i am tired and also loving the shorthand "on'" for online

@Efi happy to be here in The Most Online Zone

@bleak Hello From The Secret Awoo Land

i'm es and i'm online once more

@Lanthus i will fight you for the love of the orc people (i am totally not late here hi)

this is an unedited screencap

@batterpunts i apologize i did not mean to cause a fright