An example of lie by omission.

Deaths registered per month in Victoria: archived page have 10 years of history (snapshot from early August 2020):

In August 2020 report page was updated to remove historical data and show merely last 13 months.

Current mortality numbers are unimpressive in comparison to the past and hence don't support government agenda.

Current page:

In Australia around 160,000 people die every year which makes about 438 deaths per day [1]. The majority of deaths in Australia, occur among older people: 66% of deaths registered in Australia in 2017 were among people aged 75 or over.

This year, less than a day of normal mortality is attributed to COVID-19 while deaths were happening among elderly at the rate about one death per day for about 7 months, in demographic where most deaths are expected.


"Democrats kneeling in George Floyd tribute" feels like sick joke, knowing how the man died, being suffocated under knee...
Perhaps it is symbolic to how democrats want to govern by choking free speech, liberties and common sense...

Just found Google COVID-19(84) tracking malware covertly installed to my phone. 😞

Settings --> Google --> COVID-19 exposure notifications

If you are affected, complain here:

Seeking recommendations for a decent model of a rugged non-smart or LineageOS-compatible phone... Thanks.

A short piece of comedy to reflect on what has been going on lately.

"Why the Lockdown Should Last Longer":

See also
"What It's Like to Believe Everything the Media Tells You":

21st century segregation at aged care, Australia, NSW.

Authorities conditionally grant you visitation rights with your elderly family members based on your compliance with harmful medical procedure.

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It's a bad idea to treat data as property. Why? As @sarahjeong writes, "the most fundamental human rights are inalienable, often because the rights become meaningless once they are alienable. What’s the point of life and liberty if you can sell them?"


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