We analyzed OONI data from , , , , & the to examine the blocking of LGBTIQ websites.

This data was combined with literature review & findings from interviews with LGBTIQ communities (carried out by the Citizen Lab & OutRight Action International).

We found that all 6 countries block access to internationally-relevant LGBTIQ websites, while , , , and the also block access to several local and regional LGBTIQ websites as well.

All 6 countries serve block pages for LGBTIQ websites, but techniques vary.

& -> DNS hijacking
-> DNS injection
-> HTTP transparent proxies
-> WireFilter technology
-> WireFilter + Netsweeper technologies


In , some block pages for LGBTIQ websites contained affiliate ads, suggesting the presence of financial incentives.

We previously observed ads being served as part of censorship efforts in Egypt: ooni.org/post/egypt-internet-c

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We thank OONI Probe users for contributing measurements, supporting this study. 💙 🐙

We also thank those who participated in interviews, sharing valuable insights into the realities and impact of LGBTIQ website censorship in their countries and regions. ❤️ 🏳️‍🌈

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