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Media censorship in Azerbaijan through the lens of network measurement

Our report with Azerbaijan Internet Watch shares OONI data on:

• Blocking of news media & circumvention tool sites
• Social media blocks amid the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war

Now that OONI Probe Desktop & Mobile support automated testing, they're contributing towards the largest volume of global measurements! 🎉

However, legacy-probe (which will soon no longer work) still accounts for a relatively big percentage of measurements.

If you're running legacy ooniprobe, please switch over to OONI Probe CLI: 🙏


We released 💫 OONI Probe Desktop 3.5.0💫 with RTL support! 🎉 🐙

OONI Probe Desktop can now support a number of languages that use right-to-left scripts, including Arabic and Farsi! 😍

Warm thanks to the Localization Lab community for the translations! ❤️

Instead of having to remember to manually run OONI Probe, you can now have OONI Probe test websites automatically every hour! 😍

Enable 💫 automated testing 💫 through the settings of OONI Probe Android 3.0.0:

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As censorship becomes more sophisticated, we need to ship new tests faster.

We therefore created a 💫 new Experimental card💫 for new experiments!

With OONI Probe Android 3.0.0, you can run our new STUN reachability test:

Many more tests are upcoming! 🐙

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Are you unable to use OONI Probe (for example, in )? 🤔 🐙

OONI Probe Android 3.0.0 includes 💫 new backend proxy settings💫 where you can:

• Enable Psiphon

• Use a custom proxy

Update now:

Learn more:

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Making the OONI Probe Android app more resilient

In our latest post, we describe what we did to make OONI Probe Android more resilient to (accidental or deliberate) blocking. 🐙 💫

Warm thanks to community members who helped us out! ❤️

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OONI Probe Android 3.0.0 released! 🚀 🐙 🎉

This exciting new release includes important new features:

• Automated regular testing
• New card for experimental tests, including a new STUN reachability test
• Backend proxy support

Update now: 💫

NEW OONI Probe test for Signal Private Messenger app released! 🎉 🐙 🚀 💫

Update now:
• OONI Probe Mobile 2.11.0:
• OONI Probe Desktop 3.4.0:

You can now test the Signal app and check if it's blocked!

Signal test results from around the world are openly published here:

We published 💫 2 new user guides 💫 for:

• OONI Probe Mobile:
• OONI Probe Desktop:

These guides share step-by-step instructions on how to run censorship tests, access censorship data & customize your use of OONI Probe. 🐙

Would you like to do a Google Summer of Code (GSoC) with us? 😃

This year, we have 💫 5 OONI GSoC projects 💫 you can apply to:

Applications start today!

Apply by 13th April 2021:

We're excited to share that the OONI Probe Desktop App now supports automated testing! 🎉 🐙 💫

Update to OONI Probe Desktop 3.3.0 on Windows & macOS:

By enabling automatic testing (in the settings), OONI Probe tests will run automatically on a regular basis!

Myanmar: Data on internet blocks and internet outages following military coup

Our report w/ IODA & MIDO shares data on:

• Blocking of social media, Wikipedia, circumvention tool sites

• Ongoing internet outages

IMPORTANT: Are you running the old python version of ooniprobe?

As it's being discontinued, please switch over to the new OONI Probe Command Line Interface (CLI): 💫

With OONI Probe CLI, all OONI Probe tests are run automatically every day! 😃 🐙

Are you running the python legacy version of ooniprobe ( on Linux or macOS?

If so, please switch over to the new OONI Probe Command Line Interface (CLI): 😃 🙏

The legacy ooniprobe version is being discontinued.

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NEW OONI Probe Command Line Interface (CLI) released! 🚀 🐙 🎉

Install OONI Probe on:

• Debian/Ubuntu:
• macOS:

Upon installation, OONI Probe will run all tests *automatically* every day!

NEW OONI Probe Test for RiseupVPN! 🚀 🎉

You can now check whether RiseupVPN works on your network.

Update to the latest version (2.9.1) of OONI Probe Mobile:

Warm thanks to the folks from the LEAP collective for developing this new test! ❤️

NEW REPORT: Uganda internet blocks & nationwide internet outage amid 2021 general election

With DefendDefenders & IODA we share data on:

• Social media + VPN blocks

• 4-day internet outage amid 's 2021 election

Happy New Year! 🎉

We wish you good health and happiness! ❤️

May 2021 bring more social justice to the world.

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