I have not been active here for a while but seeing there is an increase in new people recently.

πŸ‘‹ Hi everyone!

So, this is interesting: pine64.org/?page_id=3707

My Pine64 experience hasn't been stellar (Allwinner non-OSS issues meaning no Linux hardware acceleration and software compatibility)

The laptop is cheap enough that the 11" version might be the flying-in-coach-and-doing-development laptop I have been looking for.

Not to mention a cheap enough laptop for deploying a few for various projects, places, groups, etc. with a small budget (or donations).

I've just noticed I'm more comfortable, and thus likely, to be explicitly political on mediums like this (or Twitter) than on blog posts. Perhaps because the shorter form feels more informal? Something to unpack.

I recognise there is a lot of privilege in being a developer at the moment and even having those as options. Nevertheless, it is frustrating that capitalism exhibits pressure on people keeping them from working on more meaningful work (meaningful often meaning helping others in some way).

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A theme from a couple of conversations I have had this week as been developers wanting meaning in their work. And having to balance it with the well paid work throughout their careers.

I am no encryption expert but I do know and app architecture pretty well. Perhaps I'll have a poke around the source code sometime.

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I think that host admins can see DMs thing being a pretty big blocker for some. Wonder how hard it would be to implement encryption on for DMs on Mastodon. And if it would be easier to only enforce on a single instance.

If you don't already know, keep in mind that Mastodon admins have the ability to read DMs and private-to-followers messages. I documented this a bit in the privacy policy: toot.cafe/about/more#privacy-p

Read up and understand the trust you're placing in your admin. I'm honored that so many fine people are trusting me with their data. But also keep in mind: Mastodon doesn't have E2E encryption. Please use Signal or WhatsApp for that.

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