I've had my hair up in a knot the past week and took it out tonight. Guess how many tooth pics I've apparently put up there and forgot about (and slept on, and everything else that you do with your hair). Show more

It's wonderful seing how politics can be so big and lofty but at the same time be very practical and down to earth.

My daughter has been playing with the in a lot tonight. Getting it to make animal sounds and tell the time. I'm just grateful it still lets me speak english,.

I'm looking at all of these googley devices and thinking.. If I'm in computer upgrade territory, but also don't really use my computer more than once every couple of weeks, maybe slate could be a thing.

Then I realise there's no international keyboard options and also no choosing your OS with a device so well integrated to its system, sucks.

Then a few days later I cycle thorugh the same loop again 🤷

I almost forgot it's . Here's a weird face before I go home from work. Just got off work now, at 22.00. Tomorrow I'll be back in at 07.00

google assistant releasing in Swedish is big news, not for me so much as for my daughter. In a couple of weeks she'll be talking to a bunch of our devices.. I'll be regretting teaching her how to resume a TV show after I pause it.. But maybe it'll make sense to put a home mini in her room, so she can swap the colour of her lights freely..

Today is the kind of day where you walk out from work thinking "what should I listen to on my way home?"

Then you go for music instead of the usual podcasts.

Foind a new friend at work today. Had to let them go soon after..

Today is announcement day. I'm not too exited but rumours of a like device might have me watching the event. I'll be at work though so I'll watch it hours after it finishes..

Bought reflective thread. Gonna try and something on my jacket later.

being free on weekdays has its perks. I'm in town shopping with kid and it's so much easier than weekend .

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So uh, Mastodon has been around for 2 years now. Wow

yeah, so this happened. soon there will be food 🙂 🍕

Good morning mastodon, lots of plans for today. Let's see wich of them get carried out and wich of them get left behind.. It's so I'm giving a decent guess for the indoor ones..

Also, today is . I'm wearing parfume instead of today. Smell your screen and see if you can tell 😋😉

Had a productive morning. Made delicious soup for lunch and wrote something I might send to a local newspaper 🤷

Prepping now for and .

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