First batch in, first batch out. Also a rare kid pic. You don't see that too often from me.

The pair of socks I was hoping to make some headway on tonight are yet to be started.. But I did manage to find a few friends to move in to my daughters new socks before she gets them tomorrow, so I guess that's a half win 👍🙂

It's the weekend. Have a . Sadly not a toot. But sundays are days too 🤷

Home from work. Making some quick food now. My plan for the afternoon involves , grocery shopping and . Hoping for pretty photos later ;)

I just put a bunch of files on a USB-drive. I hardly ever use those anymore, since I got my NAS.. But they are still useful for a handfull of things.

Bought a bunch off stuff that people need and some they don't need. Sock break now.

I almost feel like a bad person today. Doing a dedicated day of shopping, as if wasn't bad enough already.. But this is probably my last (and first) kids free day off work in december. I'm also planning on going to a second café later and finishing a pair of socks. All in "the spirit" of it.

Sometimes you find them in the fediverse, but who can really spot anything in that feed on a server this size. 🤷

Sometimes you find a user in local with only a few toots out, calling for help, feeling overwhelmed with the fediverse. When you look at their profile they generally don't look like raging idiots. You can't help them all but take the first one you spot when you have a few minutes over and send them a toot.

Help a friend out, even if you haven't met them before.

Tried to fix a tire on my bike. It blew up with a loud bang. In my face. I now have a loud ringing in my ears.. 😒 🤷

okay. Maybe just one more. with a crown, because why not.

for this weekend is a foot pic. Finished these socks late last night. Promised kid I'd make her a pair too, but we'll have to get to the store for more yarn tomorrow.

It's cold and wet outdoors so I can understand the impulse from local wildlife to come inside. Found these hiding behind a a cup of tea while cleaning earlier today.

Home from work, have the rest of the weekend off now. Making some late night pasta and knitting some more on a pair of socks I started earlier this week. Hoping to finish them this weekend 🙂

On my way home now. My carmate took a short break to shop for some flowers.

Todays meeting over. Planned a bunch of politics. Strong arguments and heavy discussion has boiled down to reasonable decissions.

Is it bad if you think it's strange that some people won't have coffee without sugar, but then you won't have milk without cereal. Is that the same?

Spent the morning prepping tonight meeting, now it's time for breakfast at 11.30.. Maybe I should make lunch 🤷

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