We started a new instance. I made a new account.

I'm setting it up and following a few of the people I've been following from this account. When I see that the instance is up, syncing and working fine I'll follow all of you wonderful people. But, yeah.. Expect my clone, it's me..

I woke up four hours before work. Got pointed to some random stream, stayed in bed watching but now I have to get up and go to work..

I could see myself living on an instance with between 30 and 100 people on it. There's still the whole fediverse to follow! That's the beauty of mastodon

I've been thinking of starting up a new instance, maybe with someone. Looks like that could be happening soon. We're not quite there yet, but working on it..

I'm about to plug my phone and tablet in to a new pair of chargers I just got. Let's see if they catch fire?


Seriously though.. Check your chargers if you haven't in a while. Safety is important with electricity.

Just had the fire alarm go off in the building I'm in. Nothing much happened. We all went outside. A bunch of firefighters arrived a few minutes later, and we could all go back in again when they said it was a false alarm..

All is good and the system works I guess.


Today I'm doing politics, this is fun. But I kind of wish I was having guests over for coffee instead. Maybe later..

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Spiders are web designers that want to find bugs in their work.

Wow.. I've never had a printer install be this easy on before.. It even auto-detected over the network..

I'm trying to wake my kid up as late as possible, but no matter how late I want it to be, it'll still be in a few minutes, ten to five or something like that..

Let's just say I have the early shift today 🤷

My daughter decided last tuesday that today would be game-day. We've been playing new super mario since this morning and taking a break for lunch now. I'm at least getting better. Holding run helps sharpening the controls in this I think.

I just played the three first levels of new mario. Great game, but gosh darnit am I bad at this. I love platformers, but I'm in no way good at them..

Correction: in very few ways.

It's almost midnight. I spent most of tonight cought up with watching video games instead of playing them as I planned to.. Still a good night.

I just entered 26 different meetings for 2019 in my calendar. I know I have about as many more, that I don't know the dates for yet. Gonna be much harder fitting them in between work and such.

death, through the eyes of a proffesional 

When you have a great x-stitch pattern but can't x-stitch. to the rescue. The pattern isn't mine, but it's pretty.

I'm not usually one to throw links around, but 2019 started today. It's video games for charity. Pretty great. I'm not particularly fond of twitch, but I understand why they're there.

Coming up right now: Serious sam!

I wrote a blog post today. Not sure whether to post it though, because I kind of stopped blogging 🤷

Some times you just want to type. It's like exercise for your fingers. When you don't feel like walking with your legs..

What to do after work today? Go shopping for food and maybe cook ahead for next week. Maybe go for a walk and eat snacks.

Who knows.. Not me.

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