This is really cool: vector maps converted to ASCII to display in a terminal.

Did my first CPU delid today and it seems to have worked. A bit nerve-wracking but it will be nice to overclock or run at a quieter level.

(I did not re-glue the integrated heat spreader, it is held by the retention clip and CPU cooler.)

Can’t believe 20 06 is almost over and it’s going to be 20 07

Changed my lock screen and home screen backgrounds and now I feel lost

2010: I use torrents to "download Linux" 😏

2020: I use torrents to download Linux and nothing else :welp:

Found the first ladybug of the season while cleaning out the garden

Just noticed what appears to be a waxwing in the background. Or maybe it's something else?

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Gradually accepting that all my pre-1.0 projects are actually stable and running in production for months/years and should be bumped to v1.0.0

Feels good to wipe away the old calendar and start fresh. I cross off every day and get a daily reminder of the year’s progress.

Here are some postcards from 1907 to 1909. All the writing is in Danish.

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Here is my great-grandmother’s journal from 1916-1918. Not sure what it says as it’s all in Swedish. I scanned it in case we ever want to translate it.

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Old portable CD players from the 90s. Some of these might even have had skip protection.

Now comes the time of the holidays where I hurriedly digitize as many family photos and documents as possible before leaving. I always fear there will be some "cleaned out" by the time I come back, which might not be for another year.

Home for the holidays and looking through things passed down. Here is a Giant pocket watch wall clock, from the 60s maybe? The 45 record is for scale.

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