Was playing Escape Velocity (1996) on the weekend and thought I would be clever and trade commodities for credits. Unfortunately the game spawns pirates whenever your cargo space increases above a set amount, so this strategy is a huge pain in the ass.

Bad Fonts.

Illustration by Lloyd Dangle, MacAddict #2.

Got a "Rejecting public key chain for domain" error message on MacOS?

Maybe remove stale certificates from your *local* keychain in Keychain Access to fix it.

Travelling abroad and I now understand “Americans are asleep” meme

NO, I won’t take it easy.

YES, I will let the sound of my own wheels drive me crazy.

Kinda spooky when windows update changes your boot device priority

your mailing list sucks and you will never get me to subscribe, take your pop-up and beat it

Another Mac OS 9 Emulation Stream? Yes!

This time I have 256 colours working, and a few games that work better than you think (and a few that don't)!

Starts in under 3 hours: 8 PM MST, 3 AM UTC.


I know I don't open you often, Outlook, but you don't need to remind me about every holiday in the past six months

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