Another Mac OS 9 Emulation Stream? Yes!

This time I have 256 colours working, and a few games that work better than you think (and a few that don't)!

Starts in under 3 hours: 8 PM MST, 3 AM UTC.

I know I don't open you often, Outlook, but you don't need to remind me about every holiday in the past six months

I ended up checking out discs #13, #30, and #40, as most of the software on the earlier discs did not work well with Mac OS 9.2.

"Holiday Lights" was the highlight for me; watch out for the blast of static at the beginning of that section. (It works after a minute, I promise!)

Here's the VOD:

Will be streaming Mac Shareware CDs from the late 90s on Twitch in 30 minutes!

Tonight: MacAddict Issue #1 (maybe issue #2 as well?)

Your laser projector xmas lights look like crap. Maybe someone will invent one that looks good, but I haven't seen it.

It is christmas cactus flowering season.
Despite the name my cactus is blooming now, so more of a remembrance day cactus?

Weird that it is broken on Ubuntu, but on MacOS maven builds it fine with same JDK version :thaenkin:

Love it when upgrading OpenJDK breaks Maven. Just the best.

Why not have your house ready for Halloween all year long?

I made a web tool that explains cron job formatting. Because I always forget it and have to look it up.

Check out the source if you want to see some CSS Grid + SVG scaling in action.

The nice thing about running your fast-food menu system on Linux is that even when it breaks, you can still advertise grub.

After 10 years, I’ve finally been forced to understand XML namespaces. Not as complicated as I thought they would be.

August 2018. I got something to support the cactus, and now it is outside permanently. Not sure what is causing the bleaching, could be lack of light or all the smoke in the air.

I’ve read that someone in Edmonton was able to keep their cactus outside all winter, and it doesn’t get as cold here so I hope it can survive here too. It’s too big and prickly to keep indoors now!

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