iOS 13 has an anti-spam call feature in the phone preferences that sends unknown callers directly to voicemail. It has caught four calls in the past day. 😀

Seeing an uptick in activity on your public open source project on GitHub? You may have been linked by Hacktoberfest:

Untitled Goose Game DLC for Halloween where you dress up the goose and steal candy

Wife told me to take the spider out instead of killing it... We had some drinks, cool guy, wants to be a web developer.

Been having issues with AirPods in a single room of the condo for months and only now found a redbear duo arduino clone still plugged in

People in the 2000s: I wish I could watch live tv from the internet 😞

People in the 2010s: I wish I could close the autoplayed live stream PiP thing in news websites 😞

Interesting video on how sandbox games can unintentionally perpetuate colonialist ideas

i will legit record myself singing Nickleback if this toot gets 100 boosts

Trying out MapProxy as a tile server today, I want to pre-generate some tiles and see if it can be ran "offline" without a DB.

I created a MacOS widget for Übersicht that displays Canadian weather radar:

It auto-updates every 10 minutes, and can be edited for other locations, map styles, and radar types.

Hotline was late 90s/early 2000s combined newsreader, FTP server, and IRC server that you could join using the Hotline Client. You could also run your own server for free.

Carracho was a Mac-only clone that came out a bit later.

(Being able to customize your user icon/background for the users list is rad)

In an alternate universe, CATS 2019 and Colin Trevorrow’s episode IX release on the same day

Thinking of running a Mastodon instance just to have a public photo feed without hogging all that disk space. Anyone try this already?

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