if the last iMessage was a thumbs up or reaction, let me have that on the icon instead of a red badge

it's pretty funny you get 20% through a song on Apple Music before you realize it's playing at 5x speed because of some weird 192kHz mismatch bug

Anyone seen a blue and white G3 tower output HDMI or DisplayPort? At least the USB would probably work!

Preview.app works great for copying text off VNC screenshots.

Maybe it's only the latest MacOS though!

Just found the esc-e thing in fish shell, wish I knew that one sooner.

(It opens your editor with the current unfinished command)

I recently learned that my cable internet service opted me into running a semi-public WiFi network (for the ISP's mobile users). There is an option in account settings to opt out, and it does seem to shut off the extra network.

I'm using my own access point and I (and my neighbours) don't need the extra interference.

Have you ever accidentally added a backslash before hitting enter when starting a long-running command and came back to find it never started because you only escaped the newline

Turns out my cable ISP has a "feature" that enables a semi-public WAP on your modem. "No charges" they claim, but it would cause Wi-Fi interference and load on the shared cable system.

I'm guessing very few people disable this as they have no idea it exists.

The hotspot created is for Shaw Mobile cellular Wi-Fi customers.

Weird issue where "knife ssh 'query' 'uptime'" was running against multiple nodes, but the knife command would never exit even after getting the uptimes.

Turns out I had to upgrade my local openssh config from "ProxyCommand" to "ProxyJump" for these hosts on a different subnet (I use an SSH gateway to administer them).

So far, ProxyJump seems like a drop-in replacement for how I was using ProxyCommand.

gthumb crashing when trying to open JPEGs on Ubuntu 21.04 seems to be fixed by installing `intel-media-va-driver-non-free`:

or maybe it was a grub update + reboot:

🤷 I can open JPEGs now though

I think you might be able to plug an ESP32 into an uninterruptible power supply and make it "wireless"

With automatic night mode, now my computer can remind me it is getting dark outside

Downgrading to VirtualBox 6.1.26 from Oracle seems to fix the problem, and I can create VMs with host-only IPs.

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This is happening with a CentOS 7 guest, and an Ubuntu 18.04 guest. I tried private network IPs in 192.168 and 10.0 subnets and it still fails.

If I take out the custom network configuration then the VMs create with no issues.

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Any VirtualBox/Vagrant users having issues creating VMs under Ubuntu?

When a custom network configuration (e.g. private network) is used then it fails `vboxmanage hostonlyif` with E_ACCESSDENIED.

It looks like I'm not the only one:

trying to ignore the red icon on sys prefs to get me to upgrade to Safari 15

How to annoy people who drag their cursor across webpages:

*:hover {
text-decoration: underline;

Found a new way to get setup keys for Midea Air Conditioner python library, used to control it via LAN (e.g. Home Assistant). Check it out if you want to use MacOS instead of Android or an emulator:


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