Is the new M1 MacBook Air also fast at switching resolutions on an external 2K display? YES.

Switching refresh rate? Takes a few seconds.

(This is the base model MBA with no upgrades.)

For some reason Safari 13 will reset my local settings for every few days. Doesn't happen in FireFox 83. 仄

WTB: ban on auto-generated "comparison" websites that stuff up search results

how did I end up with thirty pillowcases?? Why did all the old bedding textiles end up at my place? These need to be donated or recycled

Wiring up some smart switches and I am having more fun drawing wiring diagrams.

Would have been nice to have neutral available in all the boxes but that wasnt required when this place was wired. (Alberta)

I've noticed myself gravitating towards .ca domains in search results because they usually aren't blogspam

Here is an early preview of an ESP8266 dev board driving the G-35 lights set using one of the sample Arduino G-35 programs. Looks promising for being powered off the 5V pin.

It's that time of year, where I drag out the xmas lights and try to automate them somehow.

This year I have new plans, now that I know how to use ESP8266/ESP32 boards. I hope to be able to auto-schedule lights, and maybe even rewrite light display programs.

Adding QMK support to the pre-QMK YMD09 board

I was surprised how well this worked, and once I got the RGB working it was time to clean it up for a pull request!

I am new to QMK but I think it should be much more customizable than Bootmapper, especially in regards to RGB control.

how long until the stereotypical "hailing a taxi" works anywhere with AR?

I've re-integrated my old iPhoto library from 20012013 into my my Photos library, doubling the size to 120 GB. It's neat to see the photos getting better over time.

Some of the photos I would like to post publicly, and would like a "self-hosted" solution. My leading solution is to use "thumbsup" with S3; anyone have any suggestions?

Seeing an uptick in activity on your public open source project on GitHub? You may have been linked by Hacktoberfest:

Home Assistant watch complications seem to be working properly with WatchOS 7!

It feels like over a decade since I used a file comment in MacOS

Finally used pi-hole to set up custom host names for some network services, it makes setting up virtualhosts easy.

Ive been using win10 for years and only now realized it has app updates in a store app

This is really cool: vector maps converted to ASCII to display in a terminal.

Did my first CPU delid today and it seems to have worked. A bit nerve-wracking but it will be nice to overclock or run at a quieter level.

(I did not re-glue the integrated heat spreader, it is held by the retention clip and CPU cooler.)

Cant believe 20 06 is almost over and its going to be 20 07

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