Is there such thing as a great note taking app.
Here's what I need:
- software
- self hosted ( or server)
- offline access
- markdown or html support (not a priority)
- shareable with others
- multiplatform including Linux and Android

Joplin crashes on both my desktop and smartphone and is not shareable
Turtle can't be accessed offline
I can't host Simplenote
Boost note is either local or on their server, no option to install it myself.
And the list goes on...

Mybad the name is CodiMD

You need to install it on a server yes.
I don't know about the offline acces but you can download notes.

@openmastering What I'm using is Markor on Android, syncing via Syncthing to my computer, where I'm now using, which is pretty barebones but a least not Electron - another (Electron-based) alternative to that would be, which I think is really good, but it just takes up too much RAM on my laptop.


I am using Markor with the desktop program #QOwnNotes
It comes with a Nextcloud sync integration.

@openmastering I'm currently trying out self hosting trilium but I can't delete the default notes.
If that bug is fixed, I'd use it, looks very promising. It can also be run locally in electron and additionally can sync that local install to a remote server which also is hosting the same frontend you have in electron.

@listentofas @openmastering I was going to say the same... simple, but effective. Available online and mobile.

@openmastering @listentofas Oh, I forgot Carnet, that can be installed easily on Nextcloud as well. There's also a mobile app on fdroid:)

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