You want to exercise the of 5000 persons?

It's easy. Spend 10$ to an artist. Buy his-her . A CD, a t-shirt, whatever. Because an needs his-her music to be played 5000 times on for him-her to make 10$. (It's more complicated but it's a rough estimate).
And for everyone saying it's easy to get 5000 stream, it's a fucking lot harder to get a stable 1M streams/month and make a living out of it.

So go on. Be the person who has more power than the other 4999.

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My band has several albums on Spotify
Once every three or four years we collect the money and go out for a dinner.
Then it's gone :blobcoffee: 😬
Is there a
#MusicStreaming service that is more #ethical ? πŸ€”
What do you think of
#Bandcamp? πŸ€”

I really like Bandcamp. Streaming is free, and you know that the artist takes a fair cut. And their team is cool.
Well I like it

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