Are you a ?
What's your favourite or main platform for and ?

You're all welcome to share your setup and your stories.

Especially if you think you have an interesting setup or an unusual way to proceed.

@openmastering I mostly use Tracktion Waveform. Sometimes I also use Ableton Live for quick sketches. And sometimes a 4-track tape recorder is just enough :)

@openmastering oh, my mobile client didn't show that it was a poll, now I see that my previous answer is slightly irrelevant. I use hackintosh, so I voted for mac

@openmastering Switched to MacOS from Windows about a year ago, I got tired of how awful audio handling was. I did try using Linux with Bitwig but I didn't really want to have to convert all my Ableton Live projects. Not a huge fan of Apple and their business model but CoreAudio is solid and I feel like there's less friction to start creating when inspiration hits

@openmastering I probably have, because I've got multiple setups.

Mobile Recording: BandLab Link Digital -> Lenovo Duet Chromebook (currently using Bandlab, hoping for an update to be able to use ALSA or Jack in the Linux container)

Quick Recording @ Home: Boss TU-3 (as Tuner and DI Box) -> NI Komplete Audio 6 -> Reaper (Linux)
The other cable from TU-3 -> AMT F1 Clean Preamp -> (In FX Loop of AMT) Horizon Devices Apex Preamp -> NI Komplete Audio 6 -> Reaper

Final Recording: Amp (Engl Savage or Laney IRT 60) -> ST. ROCK REACT:IR -> Komplete Audio 6 (SPDIF) -> Reaper

@openmastering I always have a lot of fun using grainstorm on Android phone.
Record sounds around you. Indoor, outdoor, talks, jam... whatever. Then change speed, pitch, add reverbs, distorsion... Granulation
I re-work loops and jams with #ardour.
#audio :

@openmastering I'm also using @LibraZiK with kind of old PCs (~10 years old) with SSD hard-drives, a scarlett 2i2 or sometimes a crappy internal audio interface. The software that I'm mostly using are #Ardour, #Lmms, #Hydrogen, some #lv2 or free proprietary #vst plugins (sorry). I also have some vintage gears (#D50, #D20 #U220, #Wavestation, #Proteus, #Electribe es1 mk2) and some analog one (#Microbrute, #Neutron).

@openmastering Focusrite Saffire Pro 10 -> Jack/FFADO -> Ardour. I use an old Core 2 Quad PC running Ubuntu 20.10. I works, although FFADO is being a little trick - lots of XRUNs, and I've had strange issues with the lowlatency kernel.

I also have a Mackie 1604 I use with the Saffire, mostly because I like having analog knobs and routing available.

I have a debian 10 + scarlett 18i20 and I use ladish/gladish + rosegarden + carla + ardour
LV2/LADSPA for the most part, I also try some VST to understand the crazy world of closed music...

@openmastering I don't record or produce, but I do all my score writing in #MuseScore under #Linux.

I did a great deal of scorewriting with for a few years. The output was much better then at the time. But I have the feeling is not really worth it anymore and that musescore's output is quite nice.

@openmastering I'm learning to do the tiny adjustments that make it look really nice (and a pro friend says it looks professional, so I'll take that as a compliment). Previous person who did the choir scores used lilypond, but they disappeared and so did all their source files and teaching myself lilypond is too much hassle right now.

@openmastering I do music for fun with @LibraZiK , a nice Linux based OS for music production. I use Ardour mainly with a lot of LV2 plugins. I'd like to experiment live sequencing with seq66 or Giada.

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