Share in this thread 1 track you produced yourself.

Advice: you'll get more if they know what to expect, so I'd love to read about genre, context, idea behind the production etc.
Please specify the licence if it's "free/open", I'd love to share it.

You're not a ? Boosting is caring. Musicians need listeners.

And now let's hear some music!

@openmastering Here's a D&B remix of a Chrono Trigger track (The Last Day of the World) I've really liked that I made. Public domain for all I care, feel free to sell it on your bandcamp page :)

Made using Renoise on Linux and various free tools aside from that.


"Grimoire". Psychedelia toys with electronica and minimalism. CC BY-SA 4.0. Written, performed, mixed and mastered by me (excepting bass guitar by Kris Boudreau).

I use Ardour for recording.

@openmastering We have a grungy little ballad here. It's about loneliness and getting caught up in your own depression, and how talking to and connecting to a friend can break that up.
We recorded and produced this album all on our own; just the three of us in our band, although a few close friends also helped us a lot. All the rights to the music are with us. So feel free to share, use as background music, remix, cover, be inspired by, and tell your friends!

@Schratz Pine, P. schratzestris Hey, great track. Ended up listening to the full album, I like it!

The original idea I had for this one was "meant" to be for something Dark Ambient. However, I had just gotten Korg Gadget (app) and was exploring the different "gadgets" in it. The bass just created itself via my fingers, so I had to go for it. I did stop in the middle of it, thinking "umm...this is not what I normally write...but I have to finish it now!" so I just went with it.

Even though Korg Gadget is mainly pattern based all the lead synths are played live in one go until I had them like I wanted them to be (which in itself was a personal sign of progress as I'm actually mainly a guitarist, and this turned out to be a midi keyboard challenge too, hehe).

The end result is more lounge/elevator/chill soft jazz than Dark Ambient or guitar music though.…
@Open Mastering 🎚️🎧🎛️ Nice initiative!

Here's a track from my punk project @Velstandsfanden:

This is from the debut 7", which is a norwegian punk xmas record for the heck of it. Pressed in 300 hand numbered copies. No label. Punk is DIY! All except drums performed by me. Recorded in Ardour with Guitarix plugins (except drums recorded in whatever Apple-stuff the drummer is using), mixed and "mastered" in Mixbus32C. CC BY-SA 4.0!

Full album here:


dj mindstalker - orb3

in the mid 90s I dreamt to open for Orbital. Lush 3 EP was huge influence. so I made a techno side project. Some of my first reluctant pc daw work circa 96-97.

I'm enjoying reflecting on it. I hear and feel simultaneously dark and cautiously uplifting like back then. your mileage may vary.

#fediplay #mastomusic #techno #techhouse #dark #electronic

free or donation like all my works and :cc_sa:

@openmastering This is a track from my first solo effort, released in August 2020. This track, Rat Burana (, seems to get the most plays. It's sort of 80s easy listening synth thing with a theremin and clean guitar. It's copyrighted, but available in Bandcamp for "name your price". I use Reaper on Linux. Full album is available in lots of services through this link page:

@openmastering This was the first self-produced track that I was genuinely proud of. It originally emerged from a 20 song challenge, and I grew very attached to it. It's about the emotional fragility of human beings, and how cruel we can be to each other

@openmastering "PsyStem Dis Active"
Some sort of fusion between Acid Techno, Electro Breaks, and Industrial.…

Gear Used:
Roland V-Synth GT
Roland TB-03
Yamaha FS1R
Alesis Fusion

Produced and Mastered on XPCT.OS…

@openmastering This track was released after 1 year of pain and multiples surgeries. The end of a cycle and the start of a new life.

I was trying to make people understand the hardships I've been through. An outlet !

#Linux with #Ardour, #Guitarix (#pacifica), some hardware synths (#d50, #microbrute and a #wavestation) and some samples (#drumtraks, #espeak for the vocal synthesis and samples from I like the eighties sound 😜

#creativecommons BY-SA 4.0

Thanks for that thread!

I wrote this for #FAWm: published it under #creative_commons

1st intention was to arrange it in a rockabilly'ish way. Then I played with #Jjazzlab and made an arrangement that I put together with #ardour. I thought the drums would compliment the idea of skeletons and the soundlayer gave an impression of apocalypse.

But now it sounds rather weak and dull. Don't know how to make it stronger. Do you have any advice? - Thanks!

@torstentorsten Hey, nice song. I hear some mix problems though. First one: your bass. There is a big resonance in it. My bet is that you boosted the bass with a bell EQ instead of a shelf. The reuslt is that you boost one note and not the entire bass.

I didn't analyse it, but I think you might want to filter aggressively some sub-bass too in order to gain headroom. In this song, bass doesn't have to be really deep, but it needs to be clean.

Your backing vocals on the left is too close and overpowering the left side. Try a gentle HP filter with a fairly high frequency (200Hz?) and filter high frequencies too (above 12-13kHz) in order to put this voice in the background. And some more reverb maybe. Or go full vocals

I like the idea of the percussions but I'd love more dynamics there, and more transitions.

@torstentorsten For your chorus, try changing more layers at the same time, that's a standard arranging trick. ou could compress your vocals more, double-track some tracks, add more FX, change some EQ settings etc. It will engage your listener more.

The voice editing could be tighter too, but it's a rabbit hole...

@openmastering Hey, these are great hint's. Didn't know there is a problem with the bass. Indeed, I added subbass to it. Will fix that.
Great tipp with the HP on the background vocals. More layers on the chorus... yeah will do this as well.
Thanks a lot four your feedback! Totally appreciated!

@torstentorsten it's a common misconception to add subbass. But it eats headroom and doesn't bring much.

HP filter for things far away is a spatialisation trick. Remove bass a trebles to make it sound further away. If you're lazyyy, Airwindows has a plugin that should do exactly this.

Just finally got around to listening to everything on this thread thus far.
For the most part, was both thoroughly impressed and enjoyed.
For the whole part, was pleasantly surprised that there was literally NOTHING posted that I found rejectionable and that I felt a need to simply stop without listening to fully.

Really like @openmastering motion on not only the initial thread itself, but on critical comment. I may not have much to say in many cases, but going to look at returning later to add at least something a bit more substantive and perhaps useful than the above thought summation that amounts to little more than "Listened; didn't totally suck".

In the meantime, cheers on providing an interesting musical exploration everyone.

@openmastering Hey, hi! I'm producing all of my songs myself. You can find my Bandcamp page over ah My first album was retrosynth heavy, the latest EP is more of spacewave and contemplative.

@openmastering Some of my songs I've released for free under CC-BY, but I like to maintain control over who's licensing. So I usually release under (C), but I'm absolutely giving out free licenses left and right if I'm asked nicely. :)

@openmastering One song from my EP "Present Recover Past"
Released under Libre Art Licence 1.3, it's a alternative rock/electro track.

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