Just tried and on desktop for a video call 🎧 .

And it .

I love it when things work exactly as you expect them to work for the first time.

Keep on the good work ,guys developing programms for us end users!

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@openmastering doesn't matrix just redirect to jitsi for video conferences?

@schratze I actually don't know. I used the desktop Element app and just clicked on the "Video" button and it worked.

@schratze @openmastering

yes, and afaik it defaults to's central stun/turn server so hobbyist admins don't half-ass the installation by accident.

How do you use #Elements on desktop, with browser or dedicated app ?

@openmastering Ok, thx.I tried Revolt, but I don't like it. What app do you use ?

@openmastering Element uses jitsi for group calls, but it does one-on-one calls natively.

Exactly the kind of straightforward info I like.
I'll sleep smarter tonight

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