Looking for good artists/labels to listen to, especially in the free/libre world.

any recommandation?

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@kranfahrer sure, but I could also open any Youtube playlist. I prefer to hear from people who like one artist in particular.

@openmastering and

you can listen to #schenklradio with dj schenklopfer on sundays at 6pm utc. he introduces many new good tracks.

@openmastering how do you classify a techno artist/label as free/libre?

@mihira I don't want to put too many labels on musicians, but if they either/or are using free software for production or releasing under a free licence, that's a plus.

@openmastering I see. I don't really know how they produce their music and what software they use. But I quite like exploring the techno scene using soundcloud, where I manage to discover quite good local djs/musicians and you can listen most of their performances for free.
If you don't know about it yet. I totally recommend giving it a try.

No idea what techno is, you may want to have a look at for serendipity

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