BREAKING: ORG joins over 30 UK and global organisations, across digital and human rights, in calling for MPs to safeguard end-to-end encryption from legislative threats. Read our blog and the open letter.

📣 NEW: TODAY's essential reading on authored by our very own Heather Burns and Sahdya Darr.

Read this blog if you want to know how an increasingly authoritarian Government is planning to silence conversations they don’t want you to hear. Legal migration is at the top of their list.

Are you annoyed by ?

Read our blog on how they are intentionally designed to breach our fundamental rights to privacy. Online content and services should be accessible for all - without manipulation or spying on us.

The #OnlineSafetyBill means:

(1) The Home Secretary decides what content FB and Twitter must remove, and how;

(2) Companies must be able to read your private messages

(3) Services that don’t comply get banned from App Stores, blocked on ISPs


On this Day, we’ve joined forces with partners across Europe to stop illegal online ads from violating our privacy rights.

Watch this video now and use our tool to tell your MEPs to 👉

As the next class of MSPs look to the future, the time to voice your concerns about digital rights in Scotland is now. TAKE ACTION NOW: Tell your MSPs Digital Rights are a priority!

In this blog Heather Burns explores some of the reasons why demands for imposing criminal liability onto senior managers and directors, in the context of the Online Safety Bill, constitute a series of threats to your Right to Freedom of Expression.


This Government is attempting to create a Digital Police State. Priti Patel and Michael Gove⁩ are rumoured to be its architects. Don’t let them do that.

You only have 24 hours. TAKE ACTION NOW

Here's another edition of our Immigration, Data, and Technology newsletter curated by our very own Sahdya Darr.

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Frustrating that the Football Association is going to boycott social media platforms, rather than setting up its own platform where it can control and reduce abuse.

At present, the National Fraud Initiative (NFI) collects more than 20 data types, over 8000 datasets, which is over 300 million data records from 1300 participant organisations.

Giving even more power to the Police won't make anything better.

Register now for mySociety’s report launch event next week about the state of UK Freedom of Information. ORG’s Executive Director Jim Killock will be joining in the conversation - we hope you will too.

Today, we've launched a campaign against illegal advertising and online tracking with our partners across Europe Panoptykon & Liberties. We want European Parliament to legislate against illegal advertising and online tracking.

UK Adequacy

This blog on the European Data Protection Board's opinion about the draft UK adequacy decision will be of interest to Tech, Data, Regulations and Internet Wonks and all those who are interested in our analysis on UK Adequacy!

Freedom of expression online is one of the key digital rights issues we're focusing on in the run-up to the Scottish Elections.

Read this blog by Heather Burns if you want to know more about our policy positions.

We've teamed up with LibertiesEU & Panoptykon to lead a coalition of 30 rights organisations across Europe in urging the European Parliament to restore privacy in the online world. Read our blog to find out more about our fight against illegal advertising.

2021 Scottish Elections

Read this blog by our very own Heather Burns if you want to know how policing and surveillance will impact our digital rights!

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