The UK Govt's will *BAN* services like as if they refuse to obey the UK Govt's appointed Speech Regulator's orders.

Filterig, automated censorship, age verification and fees are among the rules may need to follow, or face a ban.

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@openrightsgroup TBH, UK is not even part of EU Council anymore, so they can piss off with their rules and bans. Need to help the British users though


Gotta wonder some days if we really did win World War II. Seem to have ended up in the same place we fought to avoid.

@openrightsgroup And how are they going to ban something that is not centralized? Are they going to ban every instance and then keep monitoring for new instances that might spawn? Good luck with that lol.
@enigmatico @openrightsgroup thats exactly what i thought.. yaay to decentralization

@rick @enigmatico Yes federation is censorship resistant. But nodes can be targeted, and in the UK court orders allow 'dynamic' lists of domains for a particular service to be blocked. So it could be very dist=ruptive.

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