Encryption is protecting Ukrainians from — but the UK wants to ban, limit or make it useless in the .

Stand up to protect openrightsgroup.org/campaign/s

@openrightsgroup Okay. now this is just using current world events to push, for lack of a better term, an agenda.

Just about every government (that I've seen) wants to ban encryption (or at least require backdoors) because they can't track people if they can't read their messages, that's been going on since long before this, Always under some excuse of "preventing human trafficking" to make it easy to point accusations at someone who opposes such a bill.

Been going on for years, nothing new.


@tek_dmn Absolutely it has — we felt it needed saying tho.

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@openrightsgroup @tek_dmn The problem is that the groups wishing to ban or limit encryption (police, governments, even people with legitimate concerns about crimes such as human trafficking) tend to encounter a disproportionate number of 'bad' people, which slants their view of the uses for encryption. I believe there are vastly more good people who want to be able to interact with each other freely, conduct legitimate business safely and privately.
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