🚨 ⚠️ There’s still time to by responding to the public consultation on “Data: a new direction” before it closes TONIGHT at 11:45pm. Find everything you need to make your submission here👇

🚨❌⚠️GDPR protects migrants & ethnic minorities against prejudice & bias.

Watch our video on how Govt’s proposed changes to UK Data Protection will increase discrimination against migrants & ethnic minorities.

👉🏽 Help us Stop Data Discrimination: action.openrightsgroup.org/sto

Government's proposed Data Protection changes mean:

❌Attack on Equality
❌Auto Firings & Racist Hirings
❌Health Records Sold
❌Unfair Exam Grades
❌ Mothers Targeted & Children Exploited
❌ Racial Profiling

👉🏽 Join us now to Stop Data Discrimination: action.openrightsgroup.org/sto

🚨 Join the campaign to Stop Data Discrimination🚨

The Government is planning to gut basic privacy laws that prevent discrimination. From workers & children to NHS patients & migrants, GDPR protects us all.

👉 Watch this video and take action now: action.openrightsgroup.org/sto

🚨 The Govt’s plan to scrap threatens all our . ORG's Mariano Delli Santi takes a closer look at the dire implications for NHS patients' medical data. 👇

From the Home Office’s fake website to the Govt’s new data regime, the October edition of our Immigration, Data, and Technology newsletter covers a lot of ground. Written by our very own Sahdya Darr👇

🚨 ⚠️ Lord Frost says: Bypass Parliament to rewrite EU rules

That means:

» Environmental, industrial and employment regulations, as well as consumer protection, transport, energy, food safety, goods and products, culture, tourism, education and sport👇

📣 Government’s attempts at regulating the tech industry are facing in several directions at once, risk undermining each other, and will weaken .

Latest blog by Jim Killock and Mariano delli Santi 👇

😡 😡 😡 UK Government's proposed changes to the data protection regime will allow tech companies and organisations to use personal data without consent, even when it harms individuals or trumps their rights.

The must not be used to mandate nationality checks across the internet. Your name, your age, and your nationality must never be used against you, either online or off.

Great blog for ORG by Heather Burns 👇 openrightsgroup.org/blog/paper

🚨 🚨 🚨 The will empower politicians to define .

This means politicians will tell you what you can and can't say and that's a scary thought!

Read this blog by Heather Burns in full 👇

🚨 Afghans targeted by fake Home Office website 🚨

The @ukhomeoffice has created a fake news website which carries disinformation directly targeting some of the most vulnerable people in the world.

Read this blog in full by our very own Sahdya Darr. openrightsgroup.org/blog/afgha


👉The online ad industry is stealing our most intimate personal data.

👉 The ICO refuses to take action against the widespread & systemic abuses of our privacy rights.

👉We've taken the ICO to court to ensure that they do their job!


🚨 ⚡🕵️‍♂️ When Priti Patel joins your family chat 👀

The will allow the Government to have your *private* messages on @WhatsApp, @signalapp, @telegram & @Facebook Messenger SCANNED & CENSORED.

👉 Sign our pledge to Stop State Censorship: action.openrightsgroup.org/sto

👉 It's not about the cookie banners!
👉 Prioritising corporate profit over your rights!
👉 Jeopardising data agreement with the EU!

Read this blog if you want to know what Oliver Dowden's yesterday announcement means.⬇️


🚨 ⚠️ ⚡ We must not trade away our privacy rights.

The UK is taking pointless risks by signing avoidable clauses in the that could be used by lobbyists and other governments to weaken our privacy protections.

Watch this video & TAKE ACTION ⬇️ NOW: openrightsgroup.org/take-actio

The Home Office's fake migration website, created to collect data on refugees and feed them disinformation about their journey, targets vulnerable Afghanis who are seeking safety as we speak. ORG’s Sahdya Darr investigates.


🚨 ⚡ ⚠️ Do you want Big Tech in charge of our rights and privacy?

The data agreement in the CPTPP involves corporations too. Big Tech could be in charge of our data privacy, standards and protections.

Watch + Take ACTION NOW:

The ’s requirements for mandatory age verification - across all sites and services - will threaten your rights to privacy and freedom of expression, and also threaten the integrity of the Internet’s architecture.


🚨⚡🕵️‍♂️ SCREENED: Your *private* messages 🚨⚡🕵️‍♂️

The upcoming will allow the Government to have your *private* messages on WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, and Messenger SCANNED and CENSORED.

👉 Sign our pledge to Stop State Censorship action.openrightsgroup.org/sto

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