Today the UK's privacy regulator the ICO confirmed Conservatives ILLEGALLY racially profiled 10 million people.

But the ICO still hasn't explained what else the parties are doing that has broke the law. That's why ORG supporters have made an official complaint, to ensure the ICO must spell this out.

ORG’s Mariano Delli Santi reviews the UK privacy regulator’s disappointing record on preventing the abuse of personal data in illegal online advertising, manipulative political campaigning and more.

We’re asking the @ICOnews to ensure that UK political parties uphold their responsibilities by providing clear info to voters when they request their personal data and to only use personal data and profiling that is strictly necessary.

Don't legislate collateral censorship! There should be a single legal standard for all behaviour likely to cause alarm, distress, or harassment, regardless of the medium, says @WebDevLaw.

“Platforms’ decisions about content need to be held to independent account, either by the courts, or by an independent, non-state regulator” says ORG director Jim Killock.

@afallen Starting a local group in Wales would be a good start. We had an ORG Cardiff group a few years ago but it is dormant at the moment. Contact me at, I'd be happy to discuss.

Our appeal against the Gov’s unjust exemption of migrant data in the Data Protection Act will be heard in court in February!

Please support our case with @the3million to defend fundamental rights for all UK residents.

This year ORG celebrates 15 years of protecting our digital rights! Thanks to everyone who has stuck by us through the years - and especially during this trying year. Read on for a look back at 2020.

This superb blog by our Policy Manager Heather Burns is a reminder that our privacy and freedom of expression remain threatened by the bill!

Our fight against just got bigger! Read this new blog by our Legal and Policy Officer Mariano Delli Santi

Our Scotland Director Matthew Rice and Amy Shepherd of Think-Film Impact Production have written an article outlining why Scotland’s AI Strategy Must Remain Human-Centred.

We're livestreaming another expert panel this Friday at 4pm GMT to dig deeper into the threats posed by new trade agreements to UK digital rights. Join the discussion.

The online advertising industry is out of control.

We want to end their widespread and systemic abuses of our privacy rights.

For a limited time, your donations will be matched, pound by pound, doubled up to a max of £5K. Donate today.

Join us on Friday 4 Dec at 4pm GMT to hear from an excellent panel of top experts. The incoming UK-US trade deal’s power to shape British life is vast. Damian Collins MP, Cory Doctorow and Anna Fielder will be discussing its impact on our digital rights.

The extensive research that we carried out as part of our Data and Democracy project is featured in this article on how your data is used by political parties to gain votes!

Those from marginalised & vulnerable groups such as migrants & refugees often face a disproportionate negative impact of data & new technologies. We need to understand the impact of the National Data Strategy on these groups. Great blog by our Immigration Policy Manager Sahdya Darr.

This is disagraceful.

@openrightsgroup regularly uses FoI to establish what Government is doing. If true, the Government is deliberately ignoring the first basic rule, which is to treat all requests on their merits, and to ignore who made the request.

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