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“Compared to other Home Office reform initiatives this has been a genuine attempt to move a large government computer programme in the right direction, the right way, and with positive outcomes for rights.”

The @ICOnew is accepting new appeals, but will they hold Gov to account for the many failures relating to Track and Trace and the NHSX tracker app?

Read about ORG’s recommendations for the Joint Committee for Human Rights proposed Bill to provide safeguards for the NHSX tracker app.

Today’s unprecedented use of sensitive data and intrusive technologies demands closer scrutiny than ever by the @ICOnews. Disappointingly, the UK watchdog has decided to do the opposite and back off.

“The gov needs to better explain its reasoning; what they have done so far has been rushed. Our concern is people will feel reluctant to participate if they feel their personal data is leaving their control.”

"The new Immigration Bill risks bringing millions of European citizens into the Home Office’s intrusive data surveillance machine" says ORG's Immigration Policy Manager Yva Alexandrova Meadway

If you’re a member of a UK political party, please take our survey! We’re researching whether party members are concerned about how UK parties exploit personal data during elections.

Huge thanks to everyone who donated - we reached our goal in less than 24 hours! Now it’s time to get some answers about the NHSX tracker app’s privacy impact.

Today ORG made a formal legal request for the @NHSX app privacy assessment, which is still incomplete, despite their move to testing. Please donate today to help us cover legal costs

Today we have made a formal legal request for the #NHSX app’s privacy assessment, which is still incomplete, despite moving to testing.

If the safeguards for the #TrackingApp are insufficient we will consider legal action. #Covid19UK

This sounds much more inocuous than it is.

Ravi Naik’s opinion explains that many Government uses of data, including the #NHSX App, may be unlawful.

Transparency is required to show why they are not.

Yet the App this week is in public beta. #covid19uk

This is the core of it:
“a centralised system would result in a significantly greater interference with users’ privacy and require greater justification.”

So, justify it first.

"There are many roads for the UK gov to choose in lifting the lockdown and determining technology's role within that. A collaborative, privacy-preserving model would be best for preserving the trust and confidence of the British public."

Strong legal and technical protections for vulnerable groups, including migrants, are an important part of making tracing apps work.

Join us online today at 16:30 for a discussion of contact tracing apps with professor of law, innovation & society @lilianedwards & renowned technology strategist @rachelcoldicutt.

The government’s plans for contact tracing and immunity passports should respect privacy, both at a technical level and backed by legal safeguards. This is essential for trust, writes @jim

From UCL lecturer Michael Veale:

“You wanted open source privacy-preserving Bluetooth contact tracing code? software development kits/calibration apps for iOS and Android, and backend server, now on GitHub. iOS/Android apps with nice interface to follow.

The UK government must explain its approach to mobile contact tracing

Mobile data and contact tracing is a hot topic, as the UK and EU develop projects to provide privacy-protecting means of understanding who is at risk of infection.

NHS Must Explain Role Of Surveillance Company

@jim said:

“Everybody’s goal must be to build trust the national response to COVID-19.

“Palantir have a poor reputation, as engaging in activities which threaten personal privacy and may lead to other human rights abuses.

“The NHS therefore needs to be extremely cautious and transparent.

“The last thing that we need as a nation at this time is for ill-thought out arrangements to generate a privacy backlash.”

Now is not the time.

The US government is pressing ahead with trade negotiations with the UK.

We ask the UK government to say, for now:


Joint letter with trade justice groups:

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