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oprea 🦍 @oprea@mastodon.social

JS is 22 years old today.

I joined Netscape on 4 April 1995, lured by jg&mtoy to "do scheme in the browser". Upon joining I found (1) headcount wars in pre-IPO NSCP left the client group unable to hire me as planned, so I joined the server team; (2) Sun was doing the Java deal with Netscape. Sun viewed Netscape as the vector for its Java virus, didn't care about integration with HTML -- but Bill Joy "got it" and along with Marc Anddressen supported me doing "Mocha". After a month on server side

Just fell in love with Fira Code! 😍

What's the app most Mastodon users on iOS have installed?

If the infosec community continues to migrate at this rate, I'm not signing into Twitter anymore next month.