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A wobbly with the Richmond IWW made these awesome prints of the preamble to the IWW constitution, truly radical wall art.
"The working class and the employing class have nothing in common. There can be no peace so long as hunger and want are found among millions of the working people..."

Me, giving a motivational speech at a dairy: "Come on people, pull together. Team work makes the cream work!"

There's a lizard that lives under my desk. I'd get him out before it dies and dries out but it eats the carpenter ants that come out from between the baseboard and floor at night so I guess it's my new pet.

Do superheroes have to reveal their true identities to their sex-partners? Seems like a tricky area.

Watching my boss work is interesting because there's a lot of stuff where she knows waay more than me but then she'll try and fix someone's wifi by going into Internet Options

Yakuza Like A Dragon is great because there are 20 minute cutscenes with multiple loading screens in them.

The eastern exit of the Panama Canal goes into the Pacific Ocean and the western one goes into the Atlantic, because why not

The only FTV worth spending political capital on is Fucking on TeleVision

"Knesset" sounds like an alien species from Star Trek

I bet Joe Biden tries to give Angela Merkel a shoulder rub like Bush did

Boris Johnson only got married so he wouldn't be the only bachelor at the G7, cuck move, I hope Biden slept with her.

Next-gen games will be about persistent existential dread

The battery in the pixel 5 is great, I can scroll through twitter, mastodon, and discord for hours at the bar without having to have the bartender plug in my phone

Separately convinced my mom and dad to re-watch the Sopranos, I want to create a group chat where we can talk about it but they've been divorced for 23 years so I think it'd be awkward

His real name was "Bobert Kennedy" and that's why the CIA killed him

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