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A wobbly with the Richmond IWW made these awesome prints of the preamble to the IWW constitution, truly radical wall art.
"The working class and the employing class have nothing in common. There can be no peace so long as hunger and want are found among millions of the working people..."

Thinking about spending $300 max on a new telescope, anyone have any recommendations?

I honestly try to wear a mask as much as possible at work. I take it off when I close my storage closet/office door so I can drink coffee and breath but I always forget to put it back on because I'm generally forgetful and usually stoned.


Gonna start shit in Howard Deans replies to stay busy

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Work had me feeling super stressed so I decided to treat myself to an extra xanax tonight followed by couple beers so I'll fall asleep faster, not think about this until next week. But I'm not getting tired fast enough and I'm worried I might text my ex in this compromised state

These people can barely login to their computers as it is, adding their phones into the process is going to make things worse.

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My bosses want to implement 2FA for everyone's Office 365 accounts at my job and I think I'm going to have to be out sick the day they do that.

Wearing a mask but only because my face is covered in chocolate

Just learned about the lost continent of Doggerland and now I have something to hope for regarding the Florida problem

a local proud boy called me a liberal on facebook and I'm having a hard time with this

We live in a simulation and whatever is running it got bored and turned on all the disasters at once like in SimCity

Summer, that lovely time of year when all of the doors in my house won't open or close without a shove.

If you steal a gun from a cop it's legally yours and you also get their retirement benefits

Space Cadet and Yuri.
Decided to take off the hammer and sickle key because it looked a little tacky at work

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Have Stephen King and Aaron Sorkin ever been seen together?
They both seem like different models of the same cocaine powered writing-android.

Chavismo is the only movement bringing together South American leftism and British alienation in a united front

"Thank you for your time and professionalism" is how Office Managers say "I don't actually want my computer fixed this week"

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