I know a solution to exploitation of musicians problem!

The sale or commercial enterprise of any musical activity is considered criminal. It is absolutely forbidden.

Those producing or helping in production of sonic art have a guaranteed basic life needs covered: place to stay, free electricity and Internet and heating and food.

All music is automatically in public domain. there's no concept of intellectual property


@luka isn't that exploitation of non-musicians? I don't want to support neonazi music festivals financially. Or Justin Bieber.

Or was that sarcasm? It's so hard to tell.

@orange_orangutan problem with neonazis is not something musicians should solve. more like really good quality education (it's a big topic) and more direct democracy, public debates, etc... at the same time if someone is channeling their frustration through music i think that's better then buying guns and hate crimes. (another big debate most prob)

Justin Biebers would not really exist in a world where music could not be sold (i think).

@luka In the original issue it's irrelevant whether it's nazis, but I disagree with your opinion on them, and it's a bigger issue.
They are not channeling their frustration through music, they are actively promoting violence, gathering support and recruiting new nazis. That leads to hate crimes and buying guns. You are being too charitable.
Btw. I think they actually call for more direct democracy, because it let's them capitalise on populism to get power. So that's not helpful.

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