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Between this and the DLC robbery injected into Tetris 99 I think Nintendo is quickly realizing how late they are to capitalize on the market others have already adopted.

And also how poorly they're handling it.

So Nintendo sent out this digital coupon via the NSO NES app to get the NES controllers and adds the qualifier that you have to have a paid NSO account to get em (no free trials.)

The thing is the only way you would use these is if you had an NSO sub already since the NES app is only for NSO subscribers.

So that leads me to ask a question: Paid online ain't giving the dividends you were promised, eh Nintendo?

Sketch from suggestions in the discord server: Susie from Deltarune in Rambo gear


I think the ProJared drama has finally proved there IS such a thing as bad publicity.

Related: gonna start telling people to boycott Burger King and the MHA

What would be the term for like "blackface but for LGBTQ+"? Not homophobic per se, but like showing those people in a negative light through stereotyping.

Today on "Accessibility Nightmares", the Rainbow Six Siege blog and scrolling.
Note: at the end I'm using keypresses and tab to navigate and getting wildly unexpected results.

Me: I paid for the steak, I'll get it cooked and eat it the way I want it, and you can watch me eat this non-chewy no-salmonella morsel.
Some fucking Meathead: ThE sAlMoNeLlA aDdS fLaVoR!!!

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Tfw started a sketch tonight and it feels good
Gonna hope It doesn't become one of those things where I never touch it again after today and it sits there unfinished for years until I just delete it

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for some reason, whenever i go to the profile for a person i've followed for a long time on a site, and they have very little information - like just a single paragraph in their bio that says "commissions closed rn" or something - i'm always deathly afraid for their mental health

like it never comes to my mind "oh they're probably just not talkative" or something but when I can't glean someone's personality from their text I get anxious about their well-being.

>church rummage sale is today from 6pm to 8pm and tomorrow 8am to 12pm
what the fuck are these times

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EDM horror story: You’re a famous music producer and one day the plugin that defines your sound stops working.

I don't like the idea that "Early Access" is a tag that the Steam store can recommend to me.

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just saw the acronym "IPoAC" and my tired brain thought it obviously had to stand for "IP over animal crossing" well anyway good night

i kinda wish i could have a column that had specific users in a list filtered out than just one with those users in it

like if i wanted to split the bots im following into a seperate column so i could have a "home" with only humans and a column with bots

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