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Can someone explain this anomaly? There's a new single by Cream - yes, that Cream - on Spotify. It sounds nothing like them, I can't find evidence of the copyright holder anywhere, and most importantly, Jack Bruce is dead, so i have no clue what's going on.

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every dad makes this exact face when u hand him your phone to try to show him something

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@lynnesbian humanity's a bit overrated tbh

no fluffy tails, no cute ears, nothing like that

I'll try to finish it in my free time instead, but that'll be less impressive than an actual game jam release.

Sorry to everyone with Scream Empire.

Im gonna have to cancel my game jam project. I've got less than 5 hours to go and I have nothing playable.

Life just threw me too many curve balls this last week to have something working.

so i joined this game jam and im gonna probably stream working on that for my stream this week.

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*a crush transitions*

Bisexuals: “Hahaha you can’t escape me that easily”

Someone defaced this legal disclaimer in the bathroom at work. I appreciate it, but unfortunately I have to erase it.

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I regret that I seem to have lost the ability to properly create jokes that have a setup and a punchline without just building them off of existing happenstances in the moment

I used to be able to just come up with ideas and make em into stupid comics or dumb socmed posts but now all I can come up with are like

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*fancy butler voice* would sir like me to go sicko mode

It still feels weird not lying about my age on the internet anymore whenever I sign up for things.

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Not looking like im gonna be able to stream right now
We'll see how the day pans out and if I'm alone at around 5 ill do COTM nightmare for y'all

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bot, potentially bad 

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okay got a "the memory at address ######## couldn't be read" error while shutting down even though my last memory test came up fine so i don't know WHAT'S going on still

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