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Whoever came up with Steam's avatar frames needs a raise.

It's a brilliant way to merge advertising and user profile customization and allow users to tacitly recommend good games without sacrificing the individuality of user-uploaded avatars.

If you're making a jukebox musical you cannot claim that the product has any artistic integrity whatsoever.

My interest in the next Spider-verse film has waned now that I know it's a two parter.

Ninja Sex Party is the inverse of The Living Tombstone

I keep coming back to this post. Think about how the idea that you YouTube is owned by Google is ingrained into your head despite it technically not being true anymore. Do that with Facebook.

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weather warning: the met office has issued a weather warning concerning the current weather conditions, the warning is - High chance of, if you were to go outside, you might, as we say , "tf" into a fox, specifically that fox, from the tumblrt post, wherein it says some phrase such as 'it fucken wimdy'

I see no reason to recommend Android 12 to anyone when it has less features and looks worse visually.

Relevant: Refuse to call Mark Zuckerburg's company anything other than "Facebook."

Make the term degrading for them. They don't want to be Facebook anymore. Force them to be Facebook forever.

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I would like to thank corporations for ruining the term "Metaverse" before it made it to the masses.

At least we have "Virtual Shared Space".

Giving Discord servers like a week for the news to spread and if they still have Mee6 in their server after that I'm just going to leave the server wholesale for tacitly endorsing NFTs.

It's been like a month, and Android 12 is still the ugliest version of Android I've ever had the displeasure of using.

A Twitter retweet is below: 


maybe this is “too deep” but encasing a gameboy in resin is such an on-the-nose visual analogy for how the rich’s only desire is ownership for ownership’s sake. literally taking something meant to be played and enjoyed an making it unusable so it can be put on display


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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean EP 11 spoilers 

Did anyone tell them that that's not how a vacuum works

Starting to realize I'll never experience a game with an ending as good as Hotline Miami 2 again.

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(me, about to sell my Xbox to GameStop)

I lower my head solemnly. "Xbox.." A tear falls down my cheek, "go home."

Twitter adding dislikes just a few weeks after YouTube removed theirs is the greatest marketing angle on earth.

A Twitter retweet is below: 

RT OpenSea appears to be using Google as their hosting provider for images. If you send a fully compliant DMCA takedown notice to Google, then Google are legally bound to at least respond to and act upon your notification.

Here's an example notice to help



I keep coming back to this toot.

Throw a rock through the window of the YouTube company building with the word "Dislike" on it.

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