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People who tend to think of themselves before other people tend to be the worst kind of people.

This image is great because it shows how a company with "Fuck corporate culture" ingrained into it's entire design has fallen prey to simply adopting corporate culture in its design.

New logo looks good though.

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I've given it a full day to simmer and lemme tell ya the new Discord ping colors are ugly as sin.

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#Bees creating a defense wave called “shimmering “ to ward off #wasps

It's just so obvious when you check a trending topic on Twitter and it's one post from NYT followed by 50 posts from different people with checkmark names that just post a quote from the article and post the link.

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@orangestar1 showed a friend of mine my desktop and he asked "did you make all that shit?" he was very surprised to learn that linux isn't something you have to build everything from the ground up yourself

Me: I can just browse these images with the photos app. It'll do the job for me.
Me, half an hour of finagling with this awful thing later: I'm downloading IrfanView.

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To recap:

1. In 2018, What Free Words (WFW) reverse engineers what3words (w3w) in a clean room with JavaScript.
2. WFW is ported to other languages.
3. In 2019, w3w legally goes after WFW for trademark and copyright infringement.
4. WFW is effectively pulled offline.


I just read "I wont use Linux because I'm not a programmer" today and I had this visceral reaction of "That's wrong!"

Super Mario Party didn't ship with online multiplayer? And they only added it now when the pandemic it would most likely benefit from is beginning to enter its moonlight phase?

Someone let me know when Cyberpunk 2077 has enough patches to be nicely playable. I didn't get into the hype, but it looks like a game I would enjoy honestly.

"We did a secret A/B test where we got rid of the sliders and everyone missed them so much they thought it was a bug. Our takeaway wasn't that the A/B test revealed that people liked the sliders, but that the A/B test failed and we should tell everyone we're getting rid of the sliders instead of testing if people will notice."

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incredibly disappointing to see you stealing the name of open source software that has been solving this problem for years and probably does a much better job

there's no way this was unintentional 👎


The more I see people post horrifying DMs on Twitter the more glad I am that I only reply and retweet posts from there.
I'm always going to post on Mastodon first.

Now feels like a great time to remind everyone to upvote my negative VRChat review.
Just seems pertinent today.

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hey lois remember that time i was in


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