well this is a #startrek meme that absolutely has to be on mastodon

cw'd for eye contact

You ever notice how Yoda's speech patterns in Empire and Jedi sound really naturalistic even with the inverted sentence structure, while in the prequel trilogy and every other time he's appeared his speech always sounds kind of stilted and wrong and harder to follow?

That's because a linguist was brought on to consult on the script treatment in the OT and to help make sure Yoda's sentences were inverted "properly" on the phrase level to maintain intelligibility. This did not happen in the prequels.

some thoughts about "OK Boomer" from a GenX perspective 

@mhoye did you stuff in some old newspapers for the next owner?

your regularly scheduled reminder that in 2019 "free speech" is only ever invoked to defend hatred and everyone using it is eventually revealed to be a literal Nazi

Hey nerds, this is happening tonight at Boxcar Social at 7pm: nowtoronto.com/food-and-drink/

(It's a meeting for folks interested in standardizing reusable coffee cups between shops across the GTA.)

Boosts appreciated!

"Tainted Love," but instead of those two strong chords punctuating it, there's a goose.

Sometimes I feel I've got to~

@mhoye I'm disappointed you didn't get offered a tactical belt

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