@nikolap ja sam siguran da sam da prije par godina procitao negdje

@enkiv2 @dotUser @Gargron

1st brain: what is hacker

2nd brain: hacker is bad. steal credit cards

3rd brain: hacker good! hacker spirit! MIT! hack the system! show the man whos boss

4th brain: Why is it all these Self-Professed Hacker are so misogynistic and bad though,,,,,,

The real value add of Mastodon is giving everyone an excuse to finally put something on all the weird domains they've been squatting

8. Kurt Godel - For discovering the limits of formality.
9. Saunders Mac Lane - For pioneering category theory.
10.Eratosthenes - For being the first person to measure the Earth.

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Starting my own meme:

1. Democritus - Knew that the world is made of atoms 2000 ago.
2. Euclid of Alexandria - Pioneered formal systems, wrote the book that will later inspire...
3. Isaac Newton - Just because of the three laws.
4. Bernard Russel - Formalized math. Inspired Wittgenstein.
5. Alonzo Church - Invented programming. Inspired Alan Turing
6. Charles Darwin - Explained how life works(+1 for working without much prior art).
7. Albert Einstein -

jos nisam skuzio kako promjeniti profil unutar aplikacije


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