Fellow survivor references Spartan Life Coach Richard Grannon’s description of the covert narcissist’s favorite verbal subterfuge in his/her gas-lighting bag of tricks: the word salad! (Not nearly as healthy as a spinach and veggie salad).

Ok - I’ve noticed a startling lack of resources or references to narcissistic abuse recovery or narcissism in general. If you’re here and probably techie or geeky — you’ve undoubtedly stumbled upon these types in the workplace or even as a partner — it’s incredibly difficult identifying the subtle tactics of a covert narc - but the effects of long term exposure to their abuse can be debilitating and devastating - so it’s important to be aware of the signs.

And... no wonder my husband was drawn to this - as is so full of cats! No objection to cats really! I’m dangerously close to being a crazy cat lady myself. I just prefer *our* cats over someone else’s cats who I can’t even pet — cute meme or not. :blobcat:

I’m having trouble figuring out the climate here... when they say, “local” - how local do they mean? Does “local” mean “toots” are just more likely to be in my country? Or do they mean that I’m creepily eavesdropping on the broadcasted thoughts of my neighbors (in which case, my “neighbors” are hella weirder than I would have guessed!) I tried to search “California” and just found a bunch of porn... so erm... Try Mastodon if you’re not into finding porn on Tumblr and find Twitter too erudite?

Okay... that's weird Mastodon. Why assign us starter people to follow? Surely we're not back to Myspace days and good ol' Tom? I mean - my following "Mastodon" is a bit meta and I can cope - but being assigned someone else seems a bit strange... maybe even weirder than having a random stranger crash on *my* couch... but rather being given an invitation to crash on *someone else's* couch and listen to whatever ongoing conversation. We should be allowed to be friendless and to follow no one!


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