ob-la-di ob-la-da this song suuuuucks ass, la la how this song sucks ass

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on other websites i try to be upbeat and fun and wacky and only post Content

here it's more like

imagine my fursona but he's grayscale and wearing a mesh shirt and crawling around on stage going iiiiiiii'm... gonna smash myself to pieces

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here's AN AMAZING TRICK if you suffer from health anxiety

so you're about to google your symptoms. both you and i KNOW you're going to end up panicking because every site says you have the C word

but even though you really shouldn't, it's really hard to NOT google your symptoms

so at least add this to your search:


you might have to look a bit, but there will be *multiple* threads where people had your *exact* symptoms and turned out to be okay!

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but i don't want to seem like i'm fishing for compliments. i think it's pretty common for people who draw to not like how they draw, and impostor syndrome is also very common

i don't think of myself as particularly well known but i guess i have like 10k followers over on twitter

i've got an impostor syndrome thing going on. there's a lot of far more talented artists with far less followers than me. i usually assume it's because i've just been around for a while, or that people are just in it for the fanart

but maybe people can pick up on the sincerity, or something. and how i feel about my skill aside, i think what i do at least has a fairly unique flavor

this sort of thing is a big reason i go through such long periods of not drawing anything

i put a lot of myself into what i make. i don't believe art has a point unless there's a big bleeding chunk of your soul in it

i think pure aesthetics and empty porn are mostly disposable, and i can't force myself to make things i'm not into

so when i feel bad (almost all the time lately) i can't really draw stuff. i also can't make vent art -- but if i did, it wouldn't be relevant to any furry accounts

different people have asked if candy is based on a real person, maybe wondering if she's my s.o.'s fursona

nah, i came up with her in high school. i suppose most of the time when someone draws a romantic picture that has their fursona in it and another character, it's with their s.o.'s fursona

if anything, candy is closer to a tulpa. she's sort of a manifestation of nice feelings and dreams and ideals

an effect of this is she's very difficult to draw or think about when i'm depressed

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i don't really play video games but i can't overstate how nice giant bomb is for my overall well-being

i have one of their videos on most nights to sleep to. and there's like a billion unprofessional fridays so i'm probably not going to run out very soon

if i'm freaking out or really lonely or whatever it's really nice to experience some genuinely funny people just hanging out and playing video games and talking in a relaxed atmosphere

absolutely, undoubtedly worth the $5 a month for me haha

i wish there was something with a tracker-like interface that could do recording without it being an afterthought

i want it to have features like that thing where you can loop a section to do multiple takes

like i want to put down some drum machine samples tracker-style and then record guitar and bass and stuff in the same program

guess i should probably get jack going sometime too, for recording

i don't know any good DAWs. ardour seems super complicated

and i can't use something that isn't geared towards *recording* -- i do tracking/chiptunes sometimes but most music i do is guitar/singing

but i also don't have a drum kit so i'd like to be able to sequence drums quickly so Just Recording (audacity) isn't ideal

i want like the mspaint of DAWs but those are always either *only* for sequencing or can't sequence *at all*

i agonize over it now but in 2 years ~ is probably going to look like a fucking mess

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