i'm continually trying to make a theme for the game i wanna make, and this is a possible contender i came up with earlier today

i think i unknowingly ripped off some other song george harrison style but whatever!!

warning for out-of-tune guitar and also my voice. most of my music starts out like this actually!

how i like to come up with melodies is by playing the chords and humming/singing stuff over it until i come up with a complete thing i like and then transcribing that

so basically this but more in-tune and longer and adlib

my main goal in trying to come up with a theme is that i want it to feel cool when it starts playing again late in the game like open your heart does in sonic adventure

i don't expect to achieve anywhere near that level of cool but shoot for the moon etc etc

more guitar bits intended to be turned into non-guitar things on the video game soundtrack. this one's from 2018

warning again that this has my goofy voice in it

it's a lot easier to represent sustained harmony things in my notes to myself using my voice instead of guitar =w=

that one is supposed to be for something actiony. shooting stuff etc

here's one from november that i don't think i posted. early game thing. or like, town? maybe?

more song ideas for game music

in kilovolt SATAN WORLD is less fire & brimstone, more "weird in a maybe unsettling way." floating checkerboards, voids, infinite deserts, etc. old raytracing cliches as a place

qotsa does this thing i like with tritones and major 3rds that i don't know enough about theory to name, but it feels fucked up in a kinda satisfying way. i imagine satan world's soundtrack as doing that

(this is just a general idea -- the main riff is too close to a qotsa song to keep)

@oriole SATAN WORLD sounds cool! The description reminds me of that old Vic Venti reference sheet. If that's where he was, that'd be a weird place to get naked lol (or, considering Hella's there, the perfect place to get naked)

@theknewgreg oh yeah that's what the background of that ref sheet was intended to be! and yeah who knows why he was hanging out there naked lmao

@oriole Sounds awesome!
Also a bit at the end sounds uncannily like the first Wily Castle from Mega Man 2, perhaps that's what you're thinking of regarding the 2nd paragraph

@theknewgreg ah dammit lmfao that's not the part i thought i was ripping off ahaha

it totally is though lmao. frick!

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