attempting to render this at 4k was maybe a mistake

i guess it's like in the 90s though.. like i gotta leave this sick render going all night

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update: i broke bryce 3d and my scene somehow trying to do this

i put the hills back roughly where they were supposed to be and i'll maybe not tempt fate and just render a 1920x1440 version

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@oriole *zooms in, it seems to be called lush* well then,

@pupy thank you!!! holy smokes positioning trees on hills is a pain in bryce @ω@

@oriole which version of bryce is it? you're making me wanna mess with it

@pupy bryce 3d! i got it from this site that you have to register for.. i haven't been able to find it anywhere else

also it might need a virtual machine of windows 98 or something to run. i don't have windows so i have to use a vm anyway ;ω;

the newer ones might be easier to find but bryce 4 has a different atmosphere system that doesn't look quite so uhh Aesthetic

@oriole conveniently I do have a VM ready to go for such things so wahey time to make some landscapes

I think one of the newer versions is free and works on modern systems but yeah as you said the renders look different

@oriole @pupy any good like windows 95 simulator out there? I dont think my laptop would handle a virtual machine even if its a macintosh

@Dark_Explorer @oriole alas virtual machine is your best bet

second alternative could be setting up a basilisk 2 install and putting Mac os 9 on it

@pupy @Dark_Explorer sorry to reply way late! but yeah this -- i used to use virtualbox running win98 and bryce on my old macbook pro though, and that wasn't like, amazing (either 4 or 8 gb ram, i forget)

the main problem is how touchy the ui is in virtualbox -- clicking and dragging is unpredictable

you can also install windows 95 in dosbox, but i'm not sure how compatible with programs that ends up being. there's good tutorials for how to do that at least!

@oriole @pupy ill guess im gonna mess with ddos then, thanks guys.

@Tebasha @Canageek there's really not much like it that's available ;ω;

like being able to quickly slap some terrains down and add rocks and stuff without actually having to Do Cgi Stuff is pretty nice

i wish someone would take some sorta cheesy raytracer like pov-ray and give it a gui and texture library like bryce TωT like a modern "90s cgi" program

@oriole @Canageek I think I still have some of my circa 1997 stuff around on my desktop. Will need to look for that later.

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