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I'm leaving
if you want, follow me on my new instance:

I'm leaving
if you want, follow me on my new instance:

I'm leaving
if you want, follow me on my new instance:

At 128 days without any response on my US visa application, a Department of Homeland Security IT guy emails me for private curl support... The irony is not lost on me. looks like it works, thanks everyone that helped testing

I hate moving, but I guess it's time to start how to figure out how to move my followers and such

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have been toying with setting up my own mastodon instance, don't know if this works already:

@surfrndk @alrs I came to Silicon Valley in '93, worked at companies that helped build out the Internet infrastructure. Those were heady days, for sure. It's a good thing Silicon Valley got its name back then; today it would have been called "JavaScript Alley" 😂

after the sync finished, I compiled c-lightning, all tests passed
and it seems that it just works (did not try to open any channels yet)

open-hardware payment routers are a thing!

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in linux made significant progress: "The last driver bits required for booting the mainline kernel to userland on a qemu 'virt' machine have been merged during the Linux 4.19 merge window. It is now possible to build a working kernel directly from upstream git without any additional patches. Please note that this currently only works for a "static" kernel, i.e. without initrd. Initrd support requires an additional patch that is planned to go upstream later…"

I see the #fediverse like FidoNet. Even though everyone can be reached across the network, you still have individual accounts on your favorite BBSes.

just tried to upgrade an 18.04 linux system, which got me a new error:

E: Your kernels are unsigned. This system will fail to boot in a secure boot environment.
dpkg: error processing package grub-efi-amd64 (--configure):

I am using a custom kernel and don't care about secure boot, does anyone know of a way to skip past this?
I don't understand where this requirement suddenly comes from

* Payment button wizard in Store Settings (by @r0ckstardev, see …)
* Rates are now polled in background for some exchanges, creating an invoice will no longer take more than a second.

it finished syncing
took somewhat longer than expected because it had to restart from scratch on nbd instead of a sd card (which is buggy at the moment), but it got there without further issues that's neat

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It's the little thing that make me happy (ordering a new laptop...)

is IRC SASL authentication timing out for anyone else?
cannot connect to the network anymore

Lightning incoming payment (from Yalls) achieved. The problem before was that I had no capacity to receive payment. One needs to either spend first or to have an incoming channel. Thanks @orionwl for providing the latter and also helping fix some setup issues.

@tek I really hope RISC-V takes off in China and India so we'll finally have an actually open CPU architecture that's viable.

Anyone running #OpenBSD on their house router? What hardware did you use (and how much did it cost if you can share that)?

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