too many social media sites, the most useless one had to go

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@orionwl haven't used mine for years. Can't really think of a purpose for it.

@surfrndk me neither, and I was receiving something that was either ICO spam or a phishing link, that was the last straw

@orionwl 🎉

How did you manage it? I've avoided using (or even opening!) that site for half a decade + but I still get spam emails occasionally.

@waxwing I effectively didn't! haven't—ever—used it for actual communication
but so much spam and useless aspecific recruiting mails, and sorting out whose invites to accept (just to never talk to them anyway) has become too much of a cognitive/emotional load for me

@orionwl @waxwing linkedin is a pyramid scheme for consultants that need to keep moving before the consequences of their services become apparent, where the bottom tier helps them to move around in expectation of maybe some day having a nice job, but is instead used to perform this giant whitewashing attack

@orionwl brave. I turned off all email notifications years ago and rarely update it, but I'll probably just keep it. It's easier than a PDF resume.

@sjors that was my only reason to hold on to it—but I'm not sure it's much easier than a PDF resume, at least that's self-contained and can be tuned based on the employer

@orionwl ha. I have no idea what Linked In is for. I still have it. I just don’t look at it and it’s linked to an email I no longer use.

@orionwl But what about all the Job recruiters spamming you making you feel important :(

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