@nvk Dude, can we please stop with the dietary partisanship? Lots of vegans in bitcoin too, myself included. I really dgaf what other people eat.

@keymonkey @stark @nvk nah let him post whatever food pics he wants to his own tl—
that said, the constant picking on vegetarians in the bitcoin community is annoying me too

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@orionwl @keymonkey @stark @nvk
I agree. I like my steak, you like what you like. It's all cool. I won't try and force feed you meat. You return the courtesy with your veggie stuff. Seems like a non-issue to me.

@orionwl think this site should be about BTC and food issues & pics of meat have 0 to do with it...

@keymonkey what, so any other topics should be forbidden? that sounds boring. I'm happy I'm on the generic instance in that case…

@orionwl not talking forbidden, just focus, but i;m not moderating, just suggesting what i prefer

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