For Lightning on Raspberry Pi, I have gone with c-lightning, following @meeDamian's post . All up and running now, but I am light on incoming channels. Any connections welcome :) pzfsmtyqfgjj3j5wyzqruaim3qqrlccbiju34qoek6l77ydmiiupmmyd.onion:9735

@cryptonomicon @meeDamian I''d open a channel to you but for that I'll need the node-id as well !

@orionwl Thanks :) Honoured! Id is: 0232a7544f1f966fbaa3f486d1dd9fae73c572fe715f63e3bc9fe4c437d0a625de

@cryptonomicon I can't connect, trying manually gives me:

user@medea:~ % nc -x pzfsmtyqfgjj3j5wyzqruaim3qqrlccbiju34qoek6l77ydmiiupmmyd.onion 9735
nc: connection failed, SOCKS error 5

error 5 is Connection refused AFAIK, did you forward the right port from Tor?

@orionwl It might have been ufw? I just allowed 9050, it wasn't before.

@orionwl Actuallly, now that I am looking into it I don't think it should be 9050. 9735 is allowed on ufw and lightning config has these lines as I think is expected: proxy=

@orionwl Torrc has:

HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/ln-service-v3/
HiddenServiceVersion 3
HiddenServicePort 9737

@cryptonomicon in your original post, you mentioned using port *9735*, which would be the default for lightning, not sure why you use *9737* but I'll try—
success! channel is opening

@orionwl Thanks, I can see the channel now. Sorry for the confusion. getinfo would have given me the correct address (using port 9737) but the console info I get (when I ssh to the pi) has port 9735 in the announce address for some reason.

@cryptonomicon so, everything considered, the full descriptor for your node is:

@orionwl I have now opened the firewall for 9737 and hopefully it works? Then I need to go back to reading more about how it actually works to understand it 😕

@orionwl Looking at the setup I have, I think the address should actually be: pzfsmtyqfgjj3j5wyzqruaim3qqrlccbiju34qoek6l77ydmiiupmmyd.onion:9737

@cryptonomicon I think Tor gives a different error when it can't redirect, it only gives "connection refused" when the port is not open on the hidden service *from the outside*

so I guess you have something like this in your torrc?

HiddenServiceDir /usr/local/var/lib/tor/hidden_service/
HiddenServiceVersion 3
HiddenServicePort 9735

FYI: port 9050 doesn't have anything to do with this, it's only used for proxying out, it can be closed when you're only running a hidden service

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