it finished syncing
took somewhat longer than expected because it had to restart from scratch on nbd instead of a sd card (which is buggy at the moment), but it got there without further issues that's neat

after the sync finished, I compiled c-lightning, all tests passed
and it seems that it just works (did not try to open any channels yet)

open-hardware payment routers are a thing!

@orionwl which board is that? I was disappointed but rarely a RISC-V processor is open, it is just open ISA, but the rest is usually closed.

@stick this is the HiFive Unleashed (U540-C000 SoC) board
it has some closed parts (from the top of my head, at least the RAM controller), but at least it's an improvement over fully-proprietary chips such as Intel/AMD… one step at a time

@orionwl how do you connect storage? Via expansion board or differently?

@stick storage is on an nbd partition through Gbit ethernet, at this moment
I don't have the expansion board unfortunately

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