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Hello Everyone,
This is Amlan Dutta,
Ex Corporate Slave, freelance journo.
An advocate of Natural Justice, comrade-in-arms to fighting misogyny, bigots, xenophobia.
Lover of arts, books, music of this beautiful blue planet.

If you know from meter standby loss exactly, you can multiply by 24 for getting daily loss. Again by 365 for yearly.

If having 5W standby loss:
5*24 = 120Wh daily
5*24*365 = 43.800 Wh = 43,8kWh yearly at this example

Tell me something
Does switching off the microwave from the mains save a lot of power

Got new tyre for my car.
Took in the lovely smell of new tyres while waiting for it.
I just love that smell..
New tyres... aah

#Chidambaram 's lawyer, tried to argue that triple test for bail (not a flight risk, can't tamper with evidence, can't threaten witnesses) was satisfied here.

Even though Delhi HC recognised this, had refused bail because of seriousness of alleged offence

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Pic doesn't seem to be loading.
Am moving to Delhi.
Celebrating with a Dal chawal dinner with a mackerel fry

@ranjona Actually, I'm surprised how a lot of the messages I'm reading on Men's day are about embracing vulnerability and not being overly manly men.

If it's all about that, I'm all for Men's day.

"Indo-Persian texts โ€“ works written in Persian within premodern India โ€“ are what one scholar has dubbed โ€˜homeless texts,โ€™ falling between theย cracks of Indian and Iranian nationalisms. In Iran, few people know or care about Persian literature produced elsewhere. In India, the focus often remains on premodern Sanskrit texts while Persian traditions are ignored."

Recruitment notice from High Court Bar

Many reputed chambers/law offices are desirous of recruiting associates. Interested candidates may kindly send their resumes to

Heres a family story. In '47, my grandfather's brother was travelling by train when some goons entered the compartment. The goon pointed at my grand uncles luggage and thundered who it belonged to. My granduncle said it was his. No, said the goon brandishing a knife - this is mine. The goon picked up the trunk and got off. My granduncle could only watch helplessly. But he yelled out of the window 'Hai to humara, tum liye ja rahey ho'.

Finished :3c Gopi dressing Krishna in female attire, a redraw of a medieval painting

"After dinner, Gotabaya led us outside. Across his lawn, by the gardenโ€™s high security wall, was a huge, illuminated outdoor aquarium. Inside, several large, unmistakable shapes moved relentlessly back and forth.

โ€œAre those sharks?โ€ I asked him.

โ€œYes,โ€ he said. โ€œDo you want to see them?โ€

Jon Lee Anderson on Sri Lanka (and Gotabaya Rajapaksa) in the New Yorker, 2011:

My God so much vikaas & acche din & development & all that.

Now Yogi Adityanath govt plans to change Agra's name to Agravan - India News

Have deleted my twitter profile. May go back, may not.

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