Because me and my wife both work from home on our own businesses, our concept of weekends is a tad off. So we opted for a Wednesday to be out mid-weekend.

To encourage a new ritual, we started baking together. This thread is our bakes!

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We started week 1 with cookies! These were an easy introduction to baking

Week 2 we made a rhubarb crumble, Danger argued that a crumble doesn't count too much but a bake is a bake is a bake.

Full of confidence now, and with the advice of some Ukrainians staying with us we made a Khachapuri, which is one of my favourite bread dishes

I used Dangers phone for the photos, so might be a while till I get some more. However, here's a weird oat-y-bread I baked last week solo

As today is Wednesday, I have a new wholewheat bread proofing downstairs.

Yesterday we baked a Sticky Toffee Pudding. This is looking to be one of our best bakes so far.

@ryanmr Hah, yeah, those worked well - gonna try new ones soon

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