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Manuel Ortega

@cwebber Hello, thanks for all the amazing work you've done with ActivityPub. I'm still working on a php ActivityPub library. I was trying to contribute to GNU Social but couldn't get any response, which is frustrating. I closed a few merge requests like and decided to focus on something else.

Se vi uzas alian socian reton (Duolingo, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, ktp), mi konsilas meti ligilon al via Mastodon-konto en via profilo/priskribo/"flair" ktp.

@cwebber Centralised systems are vulnerable, evil, or both.

Jam estas pli ol 1300 aliĝintoj el 72 landoj al la monda kongreso de #Esperanto okazonta en Lisbono de la 28a de julio ĝis la 4a de aŭgusto 2018. Ankoraŭ eblas aliĝi…

ActivityPub support for GNU Social is in the works! I'll be working with @up201705417 on a plugin this summer.

God, the federated media stuff is really exciting. It's kind of unprecedented, and could build a really compelling story about where the Free Network as a whole could be heading.

@teodoro Saluton! gratulon pro via bonega laboro por la funkciigo de via nodo!

This #LibrePlanet talk on #ActivityPub by @cwebber is very very good. I hugely admire Chris as a person and respect all the work he has put in to #MediaGoblin and AP over the years.

(He's also an enthusiastic speaker with a great sense of humor)

Premier commentaire sur une vidéo #peertube à partir de #Mastodon : #ActivityPub c'est juste génial (et un peu magique aussi !)

The secret to ActivityPub is that it's really just the Actor Model for the web. Or rather, Linked Data Notifications (of which ActivityPub is a superset) is the actor model, and ActivityPub is a shared set of methods for actors to implement.

A decentralized video hosting network, based on free/libre software

(submitted by programLyrique)

Issue asking for ActivityPub support in GitLab

Okay come on, *everyone* must want this

Thanks to @ted for filing it :)

I left a comment explaining why GitLab could be improved by an order of magnitude or so by having federations support

Today's lesson: Medium is bad. They've suspended our account and blocked access to all our published stories for bogus reasons and with only 12 hours notice.

RT @HongPong: Mastodon software brought 1 million users into #activitypub network! (applause)
peertube / mastodon interop demo @Gargron #in… source: