I am looking for a reliable instance for the @fsfe. Enough space for our videos (reasonable daily or high overall limit) , HTTP import, no content, servers and operator within the EU.

Can you help me? joinpeertube.org isn't really helpful in this regard...

@ortsvorsteher @fsfe Didn't know it, thanks. But it's not part of the Peertube federation, right? Also I see that it doesn't seem to be EU based

@mxmehl @fsfe You are welcome. I only know it exists. I hope it fits to youre needs.

That d.tube one doesn't even display content without allowing api.steemit.com and also has some other domains embedded, seems to be more a coin promotional platform.. dissuaded.
@mxmehl @fsfe

@erAck @mxmehl @fsfe Okay. Thank you for this Information discovered. I Hope you find something what fits to youre needs.

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