Too many fun is not enough!! Do you agree?

I am so sad myself. You are not here and then I do not think of *parties*.

Orz does not like Arilou. Arilou are too much trouble.

Next *silly cow* are *dissolving* and no more word making in *slow time*.

You do not know Taalo. Taalo are not the *friends*.

You have become too close. You are *sick* for the last time!

We can come and *play* at your *house*.

This is a good plan. Orz are accomplishing this for better *games*.

Now that you are *campers* you will have more *parties* and no more *sad* *lonely* *bubbles*.

*Dangerous* is not the way! Orz are happy *fun* days all the time.

*Campers* like to say `hello' when they *smell* the Orz.

Yes! Think and then do! You will tell us soon. Soon is now.

You must going to my *house* to start *camping*.

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