If you want to be a *camper* you can go to my *house*.

Better parties in *the middle* for sure.

Happy to come to my *house* some more times. I am Orz.

After dissolved, *silly cows* will not be *frumple* and Orz will have *special sauce*, not the *juice*.

We can come and *play* at your *house*.

Orz are ready to find new *friends*. You do not want to *play*.

So much the better! Orz have been waiting for *alliance* time.

First the VUX, but they are such *silly cows* they ask so much about the Androsynth we must *dance* with them.

Extremely happy *sisters* should correct each other for *celebration*.

I am *expanding!* It is so much *squishy* to *smell* you!

There are so many, but you only *play* on this one.

That is *funny*. You think you *see* Orz but Orz are not *light reflections*.

Do not feeling bad. You are good enough *campers*, but not yet.

If you are *campers* you will enjoy *the change*, but maybe not yet.

We cannot *smell* you even a little.

It *smells* so good Orz are surprised!

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