Is this considered WFH? looks a bit different now \o/

Twitter, Telegram, GitHub, in a way DuckDuckGo and probably many others… in the end FOSS and self-hosted + decentralized projects are the only thing we can minimally rely on to take -a bit of- care about our data.

Even that couldn’t be enough, feeling is that big companies have eaten the whole cake.

«Microsoft GitHub Copilot Monthly Subscription, and forget about licenses» would be a nice slogan.

All that hype months ago with the Copilot… really no one has thought about this?.

Need to add a new task “move all my GH repos to a self hosted solution” in my TODO.

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So let me get this straight:

Github scanned a bunch of open source projects.

They trained an AI with it.

They basically ignored the licenses and tried to shove a "because we are basically copying GPL code, it doesn't mean the result is GPL".

And now they are charging for it?

This thing with becoming «premium» -with a non-free tier- makes me think about the need of using it.

It happened before with some other services, this is the first step and after a while -suddenly!- you need to pay even for the basic stuff.

I'd prefer to use some other FOSS project for IM but in the end move all the known people out of there is the real problem.

Move the people is always the problem with the digital services.

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I'm rubbish promoting myself, so low key! 😂

A screenshot may be?

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hype is growing up lately, maybe I need to try it out and replace my instance? (different kind of searches, CI integration and Pages ability sounds so tempted)

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I wrote another blog post about #Gitea #federation and the recent Gitea <-> Mastodon federation milestone.

It's nontechnical so you don't have to know anything about ActivityPub to read it!

I know this is oldie, but goldie. Dunno if it seems @betabug and me looking for ufos or a pop-star album cover.

Context: in our daily work we tent to write and **patch** code -plus all the jokes with patch/patxi and some other funny words-.

Made the morning!.

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Cuando dejé Twitter decidí que cada vez que me entrasen ganas de doomscrollear en su lugar me iría a revisar las plantas, y bueno, mirad que bonito mi recordatorio diario de que si no tienes cuidado Twitter te absorbe.

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Our timeline is filled with people celebrating that #adobe plans to offer a freemium version of #Photoshop for the browser.

Just in case you didn't know:
#GIMP, #Krita @krita, #Inkscape @inkscape, #Scribus and many other great graphics tools are already available - free/libre to use, free to improve, free to share. Check them out! 💙

I’ve been doing some real stuff lately. If the “van battle” was not enough, we decided to look for some more comfortable places to plant a new basement. New localhost means being slowly moved from here -the flat- to somewhere else.

After a long -really long- period of discussions, negotiations, dealing with internal fears and some other boring stuff, we found a place that convinced all of us and, despite it was difficult to decide[...]

There is something -unknown- heading over us. Taking in account today was 30º or more... It's a bit scary.

Firefox Total Cookie protection makes me wonder about a browser change, it sounds like a really nice feature to have.

If I’m still using Safari is because the Tab Groups syncing the stuff across all the devices, but tbh I’m not longer really using it as I’m not changing the context too much lately.

If the password management integration is not a problem maybe I’ll give it a try.

A useful tip I forgot to write about yesterday: If you remove a file that is being used by some service (like a log or so) may happen that df doesn't take in account that new "free" space because the file is still in use:

$ lsof +L1

Lsof can help you to identify the service in order to restart or kill it. When +L is followed by a number, only files having a link count less than that number will be listed. A specification of the form `+L1` will select open files that have been unlinked.

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Monday morning, it smells to disk space alert in the air.

Dockerized Synapse server had about 60Gb of logs and 40Gb in pgsql db.

As I couldn't find any proper administrative tools, I need a way to deal with this, maybe this matrix thing doesn't worth it?.

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A bit of a teaser, I may answer some questions about Hyperdrive here, my current project for the #Amstrad CPC.

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