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Now that is over & I cannot spoiler the presents anymore: Made three little pilots verry happy. No cameras, just pure fun, hopefully soon helping with @osm_to photogrammetrically mapping . ☺️ What‘s your gift? @OpenDroneMap @openstreetmap @potensicdrones

Beware of our mighty science! We are doing some photogrammetric measurements next to today. Thanks to various people from @krautspace donating the pass-points for , they are in good use now/still! :). It was a good but cold flight day. @jenaertoots @cccupdatesbot

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Jetzt im #Krautspace: zusätzlicher #SaturdayMakeSession (normalerweise jeden 2. & 4. Samstag). Heute mit: @Raspberry_Pi #raspberrypi4 bauen für #ARDNnews Bodenstation. Weitercoden für #Drohnen-Analysesoftware @osm_to Und worauf ihr Lust habt! Kommt gerne vorbei. @jenaertoots

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Coded a bit on our project @osm_to and improved the qr-code detection with a 2step approach. I would like to test it with the first images of people doing . So if you have a drone, please go to the & send me some :). github.com/aerospaceresearch/g

I'm currently analyzing my GNSS solution of the measurements at the @osm_to ground control points on the airfield at for .

Here I measured all 3 markers of the big 2x3m QR-Code plane. Not a perfect solution, but very well in the sub-centimeters accuracy.

(Only the marker in the middle (top left of the QR-Code) is our normal reference point. I have measured the other mostly for fun/testing)


Hey people, show us your aerial photos from the camp airfield! Please tweet, toot, post them here events.ccc.de/camp/2019/wiki/P. This is a call for a coordinated event to create a big big orthophoto together!
If you did not already, grab your and fly now :)

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Saturdays are best when you can wake up slowly and watch nice videos like the from . Now I am awake and can say nice job,
@quintusquanten. »Automated GCPs for «
@osm_to is well explained in the nick of time :) youtu.be/5F39sWoICqo?t=2847

@taknil asked: "is the qr code still there? did not find it. Might fly in daytime on day 4." twitter.com/taknil/status/1165

Answer by quanten: They are still on the official airfield events.ccc.de/camp/2019/wiki/A

If you have questions about using them, just ask or come to the and ask for quanten :)" twitter.com/quintusquanten/sta

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Morgen ab 12 Uhr findet wieder die #SaturdayMakeSession im #Krautspace statt! Kommt vorbei mit euren Bastelprojekten! @lycian nutzt die Zeit um sein defektes Smartphone zu reparieren. Ob er das wohl schaffen wird? Parallel dazu wird im Hauptraum der Livestream vom #CCCamp19 geschaut und an @osm_to gecodet.

quintusquanten: I have deployed the @osm_to
ground control points at the airfield at

Come, fly and take photos.

The precise coordinates will be measured and published in the next days, but taking photos is already useful.


Don't miss our Lightning Talk: »Automated Ground Control Points for Drones« 2019-08-22, 12:45–12:50, Meitner
We use QR-Codes to create GroundControlPoints for photogrammetry by @quintusquanten. events.ccc.de/camp/2019/wiki/P c3lt.de/camp2019/talk/B9KAHU/

Packed and on their way to .
Thanks to @DF1LU to take good care of delivery logistics of the GCPs. At camp,
will take over of deployment. Stay ready with your for . :)
See you soon! Have Fun!

Finally they're there! 15m² of groundcontrol points. Car & parking lot for scale. So we're ready for . Thx to @quintusquanten @CosmoGecko @DF1LU + other @krautspace to make our project possible! Want to map the camp, too? Join here events.ccc.de/camp/2019/wiki/P

Thank you, donators! Minimum ground control points for are go. Currently, we will print them on 1x1.5m banners. If you want the banners to be bigger and viewable from higher altitudes, you can still help us. Just contact us here. Let's with !

Finally, we can do tests! :) Our first qrcode groundcontrol point banner for the arrived. All together, let's see if we can do a w/ @OpenDroneMap & @openstreetmap . More banners'll follow! More infos here events.ccc.de/camp/2019/wiki/P. Join us by retweet! :)


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