I created a Swift Package for my generic UI components. I really liked how easy it is to do that, and to import it in a project. I recommend using LibraryContentProvider to make it easier to find and reuse components.

This is the first time I'm building something *real* using . It's time to explore NSViewRepresentable a little bit.

Felling great! Finished Hollow Knight a few times in the last month, with pretty much all the achievements.

Now it's Cuphead time!

I spent Thursday and Friday trying out Kotlin Native with some co-workers on our HackDays.

We built the same application we have as coding challenge at the company. All the networking, persistence and repository implemented in Kotlin, leaving just the UI layer to the platforms.

There are limitations of course, but it was kinda impressive to see all these implemented in Kotlin. We even used Coroutines!

Sunday morning: upgrade to Big Sur, install latest Xcode beta, and upgrade all brew tools and casks.

Patent not pending. Got the plaque for one of the patents this week.

Finally! We got all the flowers after months of hard work and no time traveling

Does it make sense to have an Instagram-like application which uses Mastodon under the hood? Similar to Sunlit, but with Mastodon instead of Micro.blog.

No doubt Hades would be a great game. It's Supergiant Games we're talking about.

I have to say, sometimes I miss using Linux as main operating system. I've used Debian for years (over a decade).

Fun fact: my grandmother uses Debian. My mother uses Ubuntu.

A melhor forma de manter a sanidade mental é tendo side-projects e/ou hobbies.

Every time I read the news from my home country part of me dies.

Last week (or the week before that) I took my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller apart.

It was drifting and I thought it could be dust or something else, but its interior was in pristine condition.

Today Nintendo updated the Switch firmware to 10.0.2, and it solved the problem. Apparently Nintendo borked the Pro Controller in 10.0.0.

But I'm glad they fixed it. It keep switching back and forth between my Pro Controller and 8BitDo SN30 Pro depending on the game I’m playing. Favorite controllers.

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