Finally! We got all the flowers after months of hard work and no time traveling

Does it make sense to have an Instagram-like application which uses Mastodon under the hood? Similar to Sunlit, but with Mastodon instead of

No doubt Hades would be a great game. It's Supergiant Games we're talking about.

to be very honest, I deleted my LinkedIn account because of recruiters.

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I spent the last three workdays copying and pasting "imports". Super exciting.

Went to some random island to sell my turnips. Made a lot of Bells today

Someone at recently learned left, center, and right alignment.

Carthage, here we go. Let’s see if you can improve the build time.

The best thing about Open Source is that you can learn, make improvements, add new features, and contribute back to the community.

Last weekend I added a way to track Animal Crossing New Horizons creators and custom designs to AC Helper, and the feature already made the AppStore.

AC Helper

I have to say, sometimes I miss using Linux as main operating system. I've used Debian for years (over a decade).

Fun fact: my grandmother uses Debian. My mother uses Ubuntu.

A melhor forma de manter a sanidade mental é tendo side-projects e/ou hobbies.

I'm rebooting my blog.

First post is called "How to replace type methods in Swift to improve testability"

I've been wearing the same SF Giants baseball hat for over 8 years. It's one of the few things I brought when I left California.

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