The actor who played Garak in DS9 was Andrew Robinson. When he got the acting role, he wrote 200 pages of Garak's backstory. His use of this as a guide for his acting is probably a big reason why Garak's character has so much depth.

Most of that backstory was officially canonised by the head Trek writers. Robinson used it to write a novel, A Stitch in Time, in which Garak writes an autobiographical letter to Julian Bashir.

Peter Thiel is like when you ask an AI that’s trained on racist drivel and libertarian wankery to produce the worst human possible

4 online courses by David Harvey available for free

Reading Marx's Capital Vol 1
Reading Marx's Capital Vol 2
Reading Marx's Grundrisse
Marx, Capital, and the Madness of Economic Reason

Interesting reading people complaining about publishers in media with perverse incentives (Twitter) in media where publishers have perverse incentives (print media).

Academic mansplaining 

As a pro-tip:

If you get called out for mansplaining or something like this, the worst thing you can do is double-down and try to defend yourself

It's okay to just say "Oh, sorry! I'll do better next time"

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Right now, my home state of Kerala in southern India is a disaster zone: once-in-a-century rains have caused floods and mudslides everywhere; 13 out of 14 districts are in high alert. About a million people have been evacuated. About 350 people are estimated to be dead.

When this is all over, we will have a lot to rebuild. We have donated to Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund.

Please do what you can? Thank you!

« but who will build the roads? » 

whenever someone exclaims « without capitalism, who will build the roads?! » i think of all the busted and unimproved roads in my town and the anarchist road crews that fix them ❤️✊️🏴

Hot Take: queer and/or trans creators being concerned with Building Brands on social media because it's how they make their living isn't actually a bad thing given the alternative is to go through a major corporation which will gatekeep them, ignore them, and try to control their Brand anyway. We get queer and trans-made art of all genres because social media and patreon and shit lets them get their work out there and earn a living off of it independently; which requires Maintaining A Brand

There are three things social organisation needs to do at continent scale:

to manage conflict without violence;

to manage production without environmental degradation;

to manage distribution without gross inequity.

If we can achieve that, I don't care what you call it.

Boost if you spot your kink:

* Fat Yoshi
* Vaporwave
* Breathplay
* John McCain's cancer
* A wholesome, inclusive environment for your comrades
* Mashing the follow button

if we could compile code to Javascript, like clojurescript does, we could use Guile scheme to integrate and extend javascript libraries, like DAT, ipfs and off line osm mappers

if we could do that to, say, Rust, we could do the same with Rust

The problem is gonna be the tooling

It took Clojurescript some years and tons of work by a lot of talented people to reach a decent level

Going to give this a try again, since it's basically the original vision I had for Twitter, but with people this time. 😊

Loving how many old Twitter employees are on here.

(Imagining tomorrow at Maker Faire)
Tech bro: What're you doing?
Me: (#knitting) What d'you think? I'm compiling and executing code.
Tech Bro: Oh, really? In what language?
Me: Purl, duh.

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