you ever just wanna be a tiny mouse and go on adventures in your bedroom like climbing the bookshelf and paragliding off into a pile of clean laundry

The ride never fucking ends, I just got hit in a high speed chase by someone being chased by the cops and I have about 1200 in bills coming at me fast. I need help again, I’m sorry.$chillauryn

techbros who joke about gender studies courses are less useful to society than students of gender studies

a sprinting bear can run as fast as a galloping horse. in my honest opinion, we made such a massive mistake in focusing so hard on horses.

in this presentation i will explain how we can change the kentucky derby to be more interesting.

force disney and sony to accept the judgment of Solomon and each choose only either the top or bottom half of spider-man to make films about

Amazon rainforest rant 

Hey :snouts: !

:3 is short snout face like kitty and puppy

:2 is long snout face like giraffe and horse


Paris Metro lines 1 and 14 are fully automated and serve over 600,000 passengers per DAY!!!

the Toulouse metro rail has been fully automated for twenty. six. years. without a single catastrophic failure.

automation makes sense for routinely operating systems with few variables. it doesnt make sense for incredibly dynamic situations where split second decisions can mean the difference between life and death

it royally pisses me off that automated metro systems actually make sense and have been successfully implemented in small cities and subsections of larger cities while america pisses money down the impossible pipe dream of self driving cars

first time i heard the word "praxis" was one of our tutors at art college used it in a written prompt and none of us knew what it meant so we looked it up and found out it meant the Klingon moon, which had exploded.

so, I have fully quit twitter at this point, hoping to be more active on here, now

going to make my fortune selling tupperware to all these horny milfs in my area.

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