on rainy weekends i like to try out new stuff. today it's this great recipe and ingredients for !

the downside of following up real world railway signalling with your kids is that they don't accept simple off-the-shelf options for their wooden toy trains anymore.
had to promise i'd have that soldered by tomorrow.

so a friend got me this base from . usually i can interpret arabic numbers to prepare it but not on this one. someone able to translate this from here? please share if you know s/o. cheers!

one of the greatest just around the corner: well hidden on the backside of a storage building the artist turned this wall into a

our base station antenna, finally mounted atop the weather station (on the wooden pole). streams to rtk2go.com, centipede.fr next.

our station progresses well. installation planned for tomorrow. you'll find us on rtk2go and centipede. cc @Stfmani

in the light of e-scooters spamming cities and other forms of mobility popping up i created a highly complex flow chart to assist politicians to make the same stupid decisions over and over again

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